We’ve all thrown parties where people enjoyed themselves, mingled well, and went home having had a good time. We fire up the barbie, throw a salad together, make sure the beer is nicely chilled, and turn up the stereo. Another great New Zealand hoe-down in the making.

But what if you want to go a little further? What if you want to make that party something your friends will really remember? The strains of the Finn brothers and a plateful of snarlers might not be quite enough. What you need is an angle, a gimmick, something that will provoke both admiration and jealousy in your guests. What you need is to enter the world of entertainment equipment hire.

A visit to the website of any entertainment hire company will reveal a range of options guaranteed to pique the interest of even the most jaded party-goers. Here are some of How To’s favourites.

Juke Box

With its flashing lights and neon colours, a juke box is a focal point for any party. Stocked with tunes of your choice, it’s a great way to make party entertainment more interactive – your guests get to pick their own songs.

Karaoke Machine

You know what fun it is listening to those toe-curlingly bad singers in karaoke bars? Imagine doing it at your place. Take friends who can’t sing, add copious amounts of alcohol and let them loose with the microphone – what fun! Be prepared for a visit from Noise Control, though.


Want a variation on this theme? Rent SingStar from your local video shop. Guests can form teams and compete with each other across a range of popular hits to see who comes closest to pitch-perfection.


Set the mood or create your own private disco by hiring a pod of flashing lights. Many of these can be hooked up to the stereo so that they pulse in time with the music. To really get things cooking, add a strobe light – remember how wild you felt at the school dance when, after a couple of cans of your dad’s stolen beer, those things kicked in?

Add a Little Saturday Night Fever

Nothing says “disco” like a mirror ball. Hang one of these babies from the ceiling, shine a spot light on it and turn your lounge into a boogie wonderland. Careful, though – as the night winds down you may find yourself dreaming of that first slow dance with your high school sweetheart… Ah, where did it all go?

Smoke and Bubbles

Want to send your kids to Fairyland? Or maybe provide a flattering environment for your more deteriorated adult guests? Hire a smoke machine. Imaginations run wild when you can only see a few feet in front of you.

Partying outdoors? What about a bubble machine? The kids will go crazy running around trying to pop those iridescent orbs, and you’ll be able to keep score of how many times your inebriated guests slur meaningfully, “Wow, it’s just like Alice in Wonderland”.

Feeling Carnivorous?

Rent a spit-roasting machine and apply the body of some large edible animal. The blokes will have something to gather around and give advice on, and the gals will be relieved they don’t have to bring a plate.

Bouncy Castle

If you have enough room in your garden, these inflatable playhouses can make a child’s birthday celebration an event. They provide good, active play-time that doesn’t involve the TV or a computer. Give your kid the gift of seeing what “playing” meant back in your day!

A Legend in Your Own Backyard

Laying out a few dollars with an entertainment equipment hire company can turn your average weekend bash into a fun-filled event that your friends will be talking about for weeks. Think about the kind of theme you want, check out a website or two, then pick up the phone… That’s all it takes to become a legend in your own backyard.

For a humorous take on throwing a party watch this video.

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