New Zealand has seen some pretty amazing artists get their music heard not only in New Zealand but also around the world. You have the likes of Hailey Westernra who has performed for Her Majesty, The Queen, Jon Toogood who has toured the world with Shihad and more recently, we’ve seen Lorde hit the international stage with a humble, unique style.

But the question is, how did they get their music out there?

How Ella Yelich-O’Connor became Lorde.

Ella Yelich-O’Connor was just a kid with a good voice. When she was 12, a video of her performing with her school band, Extreme, at a local talent show in Auckland, was created. It was this video that A&R rep Scott Maclachlan saw and he knew he’d found a great hidden talent.

Though it was Lorde’s voice that attracted Maclachlan, it wasn’t until he had met Ella in person that he saw a potential that had yet to be developed.

He started connecting professional song writers with Lorde, hoping to find the right mentor to help refine her talents and find the unique sound we all know and love today. He saw great value in giving her creative freedom to develop the kind of music she wanted to create, even when she had no idea yet what she wanted to be.

It was through Maclachlan development of creating such a unique and pleasing style that Ella became Lorde.

Here’s 3 way’s you can get your music out there:

  1. Let stranger’s asses your music.

Family will be a great start but if you want feedback while you’re in your early stages, but you’ll want to have hundreds of people to that you don’t know listen your song and give honest feedback. Don’t be afraid of criticism, it’ll help point you in the right direction.

  1. Give your music away for free.

Who wants to pay for anything? If you’re able to give away your music, it’ll make it easier to get it in the hands of people. Platforms like soundcloud, youtube or even facebook are great ways to offer up your music to potential fans!

Amy FM have a section on their site dedicated to free music. Get in touch with the team at Amy FM to get your song listed. You may even get your song played on the station which leads us to our next point.

  1. Send it to your local stations.

Don’t be afraid to send your music to your local radio station. They may play music from hit international artist but they’re always looking for the next rising star. Send your song in, ask for feedback and ask if they’d play your song on air! The worst they can say is no.

So try out these 3 tips and see what works for you. Don’t forget to take all feedback into consideration when making music and keep at it.

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