Have you ever written articles that were good but lacked a really professional touch? Writing content, whether for living or fun, can be very challenging and frustrating because it must include so many elements that perform various important functions. Many novice writers fail to write really good articles because they do not follow these recommendations and end up producing average-quality content that cannot impress the reader. Apparently, only effective and professional approach can achieve this task, so to help you to avoid negative outcome, we have created a list of practical strategies that can be employed to produce awesome articles for just about any purpose.

Got a few minutes to get better at writing? Let’s start.

1. A Capturing First Sentence

Many professional writers consider the first sentence as the most important element because it captures the attention of the reader and makes them want to continue. See how this article started? We asked you about whether you had issues with turning your articles into the masterpieces of professional writing? That was the sentence that was supposed to be captivating and “hook” the reader so he or she decides to continue and complete the reading. Most of the writers that automatically assume that the audience is interested in the subject are sadly mistaken because there are tons of other articles on the same subject and they can be better. Making the opening sentence captivating will greatly increase your chances to get readers.

2. Speak to the Reader

Before writing an article, spend some time thinking about the audience that might be reading it. Do they have a family? Do they like shopping for clothing? Are they interested in the high-tech world? Asking yourself questions like these is a powerful technique because you attempt to know someone that comes to read your content. Moreover, knowing the audience allows the writer to know what is important to them, thus showing what should be included in the article. Feel free to consider what questions the writer asked themselves prior writing the sentences in the following example.

“One of the most important things to do before leaving the house for traveling is its security. Home security systems are a popular choice nowadays because it ensures an immediate response from the law enforcement in the case of breaking and entering.”

3. Use Tools

There are tons of incredibly useful online tools that can enhance the quality of your writing. They can be used for just about anything when it comes to the task, including capturing readers, making effective transitions, connecting with the audience, proofreading, and many more others aspects. For example, this writing blog from popular content marketing site CopyBlogger can teach how to achieve a number of advanced writing goals by providing practical tips. Next, the A-writer site is another tool that is useful for content writing and proofreading because the service is provided by the professionals with a vast background in academic and creative writing. The list of great tools can be expanded to include Grammarly, Hemingway, Daily Page, and many more others, so conduct your research and select what is best for you.

4. Make an Outline

Remember college and relentless instructions from the professors on how to make a really good outline for your research paper? Well, they were totally right, because an outline can be very important even when you write for a living. It is a legitimate writing strategy because it can help you to get from point A to point Z without losing the focus of the text. In writing, knowing what to say before you say it is just as important as in speaking, so let’s get you started with a simple and effective outline.

Opening paragraph

  •  Subheading 1


  • Subheading 2



5. Convey Your Passion and Authority

In many cases, writers are really passionate about they write, and this should be used to make the articles better. Remember, just because you are not interacting with the reader in real time, this does not mean the essential rules of human communication do not apply here. The audience will always look for something in the text that shows the authenticity and passion of the writer about the topic he or she is writing. Lack of passion and insincerity is just as distasteful in the text as it is in real interaction, so write with authority and passion, and the readers will see that.

6. Establish a Dialogue with the Audience

One of the most popular ways to open the dialogue with the readers is to end the article with the effective question. It can initiate the conversation by inviting the audience to leave the comments below the text. Also, this also will help to keep in mind that you are having a conversation with the readers in the most effective way. For example, you can end the article with something like this: “This is just a list of things that I love about this new model, but it you have some of your own, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.”

7. Add an Awesome Fact

Do you consider the phrase “awesome fact” as intriguing? Most people do. It shows that the writer applied an extra effort to bring the reader something really exciting and fresh. One of the most widely used and effective techniques here is to provide fascinating statistics that can grab the attention immediately. For example, “did you know that on Mars you would experience 62.5 percent less gravity than you are used to on Earth? This could make walking really fun.”


It takes a lot of effort to write outstanding articles, but once you learn some of the techniques, the task will become much easier and the process of writing itself will become an enjoyable and rewarding experience. A solid understanding of these strategies described in this article is crucial to becoming an awesome writer because it allows composing creative, interesting, and engaging content, which will definitely impress anyone.

Scott Ragin is an experienced writer and content writing expert at Aussiessay. Scott loves guiding other people through their content marketing practice and shares his ideas as as blogger. Feel free to contact him at Facebook.

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