So, it’s time to start writing your dissertation. It’s the culmination of all the studying you’ve done over the last few years, and is probably the longest piece of writing you’ve ever had to do. If you’re feeling somewhat panicky about this, don’t worry. Here are some tips that will help you structure and write your dissertation easily.

1. You don’t have to write your dissertation in the right order

If you’re stuck, skip straight to a section that you know you can complete easily. You can then rearrange your sections at the end, before you hand it in. Besides, it’s often easier to write your introduction once all the hard work has been done first.

2. Think of each chapter as an essay in itself

Structure each chapter individually, as each section will be doing something different in your dissertation. This also helps break up the work, so it’s not too overwhelming.

3. Plan each section as you write

As you’re preparing to write up each section, create a plan for them before you put pen to paper. This will keep all your arguments clear and concise.

4. Use online editing and writing tools

Lyx – the Document Processor: Lyx is a word processor designed specifically for academic writing. It helps you focus on the structure of your writing, rather than simply how it looks.

Online Citation Machine: This app does double duty, checking your writing for both grammatical errors and possible plagiarism. It’s great if you want to get it all done quickly.

Dissertation writing service: Writing professional can help enormously when composing your dissertation. This service can offer several different levels of writing, from helping create a plan, to proofreading and editing the piece before the deadline.

Hemingway App: If you’re visually minded, this app is great for editing. Paste your work in, and it will highlight any issues with it, including overused words and spelling errors.

Proposal and Thesis writing tools: This page offers several different tools to help you write, and includes examples of previous work to help get you started. There’s planning, time management and writing strategies available.

EssayRoo Australian Writers: This writing service focuses on academic writing, so they can bring an experienced eye to your work. They can offer rewriting services, when you need a second person to look over your writing.

Pro Writing Aid Tool: This tool helps you improve the readability of your writing, which is essential to the success of your dissertation. It also includes editing tools and plagiarism checkers for premium users.

5. Keep your word count in mind

Your word count is a good indication of how much room you have to go into detail. A dissertation is often roomier, but do still make sure you don’t go too far over, or you’re in danger of losing marks.

6. Keep to the point

Don’t be tempted to wander off on a tangent in your writing. Now more than ever, you need to stick to your main points and create a waterproof argument in your work.

7. Write up sections as you go

Once you’ve planned a section, write it up. This way, you’ll be writing your dissertation in stages, and you won’t find yourself having to write thousands of words a week before the deadline.

8. Remember to reference properly

Referencing properly is vital. Forgetting to do so means that you could be accused of plagiarism, and endanger your entire grade for your dissertation.

Now you have these tools at hand, get out there and write the best dissertation you possibly can. With this help, you should get a great grade with a lot less stress.

About the author:

Gloria Kopp is a web content writer and an elearning consultant from Manville city. She graduated from University of Wyoming and started a career of creative writer. At present time she works as a freelance writer and editor. Besides, she is working on online writing course project that is going to be launched this autumn.

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