Learning to play a musical instrument is a worthwhile and rewarding pursuit. It’s a fantastic skill to gain and one that will bring many hours of enjoyment to you and your friends. But there are so many musical instruments out there and picking one that suits you can be difficult. If you are unsure which instrument is for you, investigating your possibilities is easier than you think. Follow our step by step guide and with a little research online, you’ll quickly narrow down the list of possibilities.

What kind of music do you like?

Take a look at the type of music you like to listen to. There is a good likelihood that you enjoy the sound of these instruments so start here. Remember that you’ll be unlikely to keep learning a musical instrument unless you love it. So starting out with the music that you love makes great sense. Some instruments such as the piano are extremely versatile while a cello may be a little more restricted in genre. So keep this in mind when you’re looking around.

Time to research

After narrowing down a few instruments that you can play the music you love with. Read up on the instruments so that you can get a feel for it. The internet is a great free way to access heaps of free information on:

-        How much an instrument will cost

-        What it takes to play an instrument, the learning curve

-        What it sounds like

-        Any additional costs such as maintenance and spare parts,


Talk to people

Another great form of research. Ask them what they like to play and about the instrument itself. A conversation about someone’s guitar can wind up being incredibly insightful and offer a lot of information to someone searching for an instrument of their own. If you don’t know of anyone in your area, you could go down to your local music store or email people you’ve found online for their advice.

Get out and play

More than likely you can do this at a store where musical instruments are sold. This is a great opportunity to get hands on experience with an instrument, even if it is just learning how to hold your chosen instrument. You might also want to consider borrowing a friend or relatives to get a feel for them first.


Playing a musical instrument well is tremendously fulfilling although it can take years to achieve that mastery. Increase your chances of picking the right instrument for you by following our advice!


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