Test drives are a key step in the purchase process for anyone buying a car. Whether brand new, or used, you need to ensure the vehicle runs as the salesperson says it will. If you’re buying a new ride from a car dealer in Auckland or any other city in New Zealand, test driving the car is important. But, there are many important things to think about and check. Here’s a handy guide to help you maximise your initial time on the driver’s seat and become better informed about the car:

Choose What You Really Want

There’s a lot of vehicles out there, and it can be tough to choose what you really want. You need to consider whether you want to buy new or used?, what make do you want? Any specific models? Then have a look at some of the car dealers dealers and vehicle sellers like Auckland Motors,  Turners or Autotrader.

But, you’ll have to work around this ‘choice dilemma’ and choose what you really want and, more importantly, what you need. For now, don’t focus too much on the aesthetics. Look at the actual listed performance benchmarks and go from there. You’ll need such information to form a baseline or set expectations.

Drive It Fully

This means you should drive the car like you actually would in a full range of normal situatiosn. Take time to drive on a mix of main and minor roads at different speeds to get a sense of how it handles different situations. If you’re buying a 4WD, then go all out and try rougher roads, but be sure to inform the salesperson ahead of time.

The same practice goes for trying out more ‘extreme’ situations. For instance heavy braking or sharp cornering. You should not only inform the salesperson, but also make sure you’ll perform such manoeuvres in a safe environment.

Are You Comfortable?

Since you’re likely going to use the car for a length of time, you need to make sure you’re comfortable in it. Are all the seats adjustable to your needs? Does the space feel right? Is there space for your gadgets? Does it behave like it’s says it does in the marketing description ? Be very picky about these things. Since typically you will be spending a large amount of money on your car, it is only right that you want something that works for you.

Is it technically sound?

When taking your test drive you will want to have a look at the mechanical reports. If the car is a new or imported model there may only be some information available about the cars mechanical history or last inspection. This is particularly important for used cars and can help you avoid buying a lemon. If you’re not mechanically inclined have a mechanic look at it for you.

As with all pre-purchase testing, they are there to inform your purchase decision and let you get a feel for the car before owning it. You want to test out everything which is important to your or important to the functionality of the vehicle to ensure you don’t later regret your purchase.

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