Getting ready to purchase a used car? We are going to cover a few things to avoid before purchasing a vehicle. We are also going to cover vehicles to stay away from.

As with anything you purchase, experiences with likes and dislikes vary. However, the cars listed within this article have a history of bad performance. The study, conducted by Consumer Reports, reviewed vehicles from 1999 to 2008 and rated the vehicles on performance and dependability.

Be wary of used cars with strange engine noises

First things first, when purchasing a vehicle which isn’t new, common sense has to come into play. If you hear funny sounds coming from the engine, maybe this might not be the auto for you. I know it sounds obvious but people are taken for fools every day at dealer lots throughout the country.

A used car may look great, but…

Do not be fooled by looks, a vehicle may look great on the outside but the engine is what matters most. Sometimes people fall in love with the exterior and interiors of a vehicle and completely ignore the meat and potatoes of the auto, which is the engine.

Expensive ‘lemons’ for naive teenagers

As a kid I fell for that by purchasing a sporty souped up Z-24 (better known as a Chevy Cavalier), it looked great. The paint was perfect, nice rims and wheels, spoiler kit and awesome stereo system plus a nice interior with a custom steering wheel. I had to have this car; I was a teenager with limited cash and this car had what I wanted – great looks… and it was priced right! Guess what? I ended up paying for a lot for mechanical work, including a new engine. It was a horrible experience. Then again, owning a lemon car usually is!

On the other hand, I owned an old Monte Carlo that ran great but was brown and rusting. I remember always driving alone because the car was so ugly my friends would rather walk to school then catch a ride with me. Luckily, you can find a vehicle in-between my Z-24 and my old Monte Carlo i.e. with good looks and a great engine.

Stay away from written-off vehicles

Stay away from vehicles with salvage titles – if the insurance company decided it was not worth fixing then you should not find the vehicle worth buying.

Look for tell-tale oil leaks on the ground

When I am purchasing a vehicle for resale from a private owner or lot, I always look at the ground to check for oil leaks. If there is a puddle or stain where the auto is usually parked then you should move on to the next choice. These are just a few of the things to look for.

Use common sense when viewing, inspecting and test-driving

Like I said previously, common sense should kick in when you are viewing, inspecting and test-driving the vehicle. For example: If the seller is quick to drop the price after you pointed something out, chances are he realizes you are onto a serious issue with the vehicle that could even prevent the sale. Don’t let them ‘sweet talk’ you; go with your gut.

The list below was produced by Consumer Reports. My company, is in no way affiliated with Consumer Reports. We are sharing their findings with you and you should due further research when deciding on which vehicle to purchase.

Here is the list of Used Cars to Avoid

(listed in alphabetical order):

Audi A6 Allroad | Audi A8 | BMW X5 (V8) | Buick Rendezvous (AWD) | Cadillac SRX | Chevrolet Blazer | Chevrolet Colorado (4WD) | Chevrolet S-10 (4WD) |  Chevrolet Uplander | Chevrolet Venture |  Chrysler Pacifica | Chrysler Sebring convertible | Chrysler Town & Country (AWD) | Dodge Grand Caravan (AWD) | GMC Canyon (4WD) | GMC Jimmy |  GMC S-15 Sonoma (4WD) | Jeep Grand Cherokee | Kia Sedona | Land Rover Discovery LR3 | Mazda RX-8 | Oldsmobile Bravada | Oldsmobile Silhouette | Pontiac Aztek | Pontiac G6 (V6) | Pontiac Montana | Montana SV6 | Porsche Cayenne | Saturn Relay | Volkswagen Cabrio | Volkswagen Jetta (V6) | Volkswagen New Beetle (turbo) | Volkswagen Passat (V6 FWD) | Volkswagen Touareg | Volvo XC90 (6-cyl.)

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