Even the best of drivers will find themselves involved in auto accidents at some time or the other if they drive regularly. Irrespective of whose fault it was, there are certain steps that are required to be followed to file an insurance claim so that you can get your reimbursement. Claims to the insurance company need to be filed not only for vehicle repairs but also for property damage, bodily injury or if the car is vandalized, damaged by weather or fire or even been stolen. It helps to have the telephone number of the insurance company handy because you need to file the claim at the earliest. The number can usually be found on your insurance card or on the policy but you could find it on the Internet too.

Basic Steps of Claim Filing

  • When you first contact the insurance company and lodge the claim, the insurance company will assign a professional to be in charge of processing it. You can expect that you will have to meet the claims professional to discuss the incident and the claim thoroughly and establish your coverage.
  • The claims professional will normally inspect your car and examine all the evidence of the case, including that of any injuries sustained, and can make an initial payment to you. It will take a little time for the claim to be processed and the appropriate payments made, after which, the case will be closed.
  • Since the responsibility of property protection rests with the owner, you may be required by your vehicle insurance company to arrange for temporary repairs to the car in the interim period before you receive the green signal for undertaking permanent repairs. This is required to ensure that the car does not suffer any further damage post the incident.
  •  However, it is essential that you do not embark upon permanent repairs before receiving approval from the insurance company; else the claim may be disallowed.
  • Make it a point to retain all receipts for expenses incurred on any aspect of moving or repairing the vehicles as well as medical treatment. In case there are complexities in the filing of the claim, you can take the assistance of a lawyer specializing in auto claims.

Filing a Claim for Bodily Injury

If the car accident that you have been involved in has resulted in a bodily injury, then when possible you should make it a point to take photos both of the accident and the injury. Go ahead and file a police report and ask for a copy. Visit a doctor, and note down all that is related to the incident and the injury so that you can file for a loss of wages claim with ease. Particularly if you are pressed, you should never accept any liability or admit your fault for the accident on the spot. Accidents can be emotional times, and you don’t want to be pressured into saying something you might later regret.


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