Does your car look all beat up, like it has just been in an accident? The appearance of your vehicle may be low on your priorities list, but if you want to extend its useful life, you will need the help of first-rate panel beaters. In this guide we will provide you with some advice on 4 simple fixes to help your car look newer and extend the life of the exterior.

Long-Term Problems

The bumps and dents on your car may seem like superficial damage; however, these bumps and scratches could be indicative of a much more serious problem hidden under the panel. The car’s exterior protects vital parts like the suspension, engine and others. Damage to the exterior may expose or put these parts at a higher risk of damage. A damaged door panel could push the internals around and break the lock or shatter the window next time it’s used. Failure to fix these issues could result in major problems with your car in future as well as looking unsightly in the meantime.

Fixing the Bumper

If you have gotten into a fender bender, chances are your bumper will have some minor damage. Extensive damage to one or the other side of your bumpers could potentially break the fastening loops that hold your bumper on the car. Taping or binding your bumper back on is one possible solution. However, a dangling bumper is a safety hazard, not only for the driver but also for other vehicles on the road. It might suddenly fall off and hit the tires, causing further damage, a crash or an accident.

Dent Repair

If you plan to sell your car, or at least buff out some of that damage, the experts at Breen Panel Beaters suggest you attempt to fix any deeper dents first before filling or resurfacing any holes in your car. Dent repair removes those unsightly bumps and scratches on your vehicle. It restores the car’s appearance, either maintaining or even improving its value.

Dent and bumper repair isn’t limited to vehicles in accidents. Quite often it is something you will come across when restoring old vehicles like vintage or antique cars. Vintage cars are still quite prevalent in New Zealand with many vintage car enthusiasts undertaking regular maintenance on their vehicles to keep their vehicle in the best possible condition. Removing dents give your car a fresh look that may boost its sale price.

Of course when it comes to respraying your car, you’ll need the help of a professional car painter. I would advise going to this first-rate car painter in South Auckland, not only to remove dents but also to do a top quality paint finish.

Paint that Makes it Look New

Even if you remove dents and bumps, your car may still look old because of the damaged finish or discoloured spots. A car painter will add an extra coat of paint and finish to give your vehicle a fresh look.

The painter you hire will use quality products that will give your vehicle a lasting new look after removing dents. If you want to increase the resale value of your car or make it look good, hire a panel beater that does both painting and removal of scratches

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