Vehicle owners all over Auckland go for diesel engines because of the cost-effectiveness and the power from the fuel. What tips mechanics towards diesel is the performance gained from a diesel engine Despite some recent increases in government tarrifs.

Diesel is still a preference that mechanics have over more premium fuel. For Example, Simms Diesel & Turbocharger Services focus on optimising diesel engine performance specifically. Making sure your diesel engine is always a as powerful an addition to an automotive, marine or industrial vehicle as it can be. A turbocharger is one sure way to boost a diesel engine even more.

Here are the five changes you can make to a turbocharger to improve the performance of a diesel engine:

1. Replace the air filter.

Stock filters on most engines are made from paper, restricting the airflow that supposedly improves its performance. Investing in a new air filter with a more breathable material will deliver instant power to a vehicle’s turbocharger.

2. Get a cold air feed for your turbocharger.

Since cold air is denser than hot air, its ability to hold in more oxygen enhances the combustion process of the engine. Diesel Specialists often install cold air feeds far away from the exhaust so that the two temperatures do not collide. A good place to put it in is behind the front grille of the vehicle.

3. Remap the ECU.

The Engine Control Unit (ECU) is an on-board computer for modern engines. It controls the settings for injection pressure, fuelling, torque and power. One way to power up a turbocharged engine is to remap the ECU by optimising its performance to accommodate better throttle response and increased BHP.

4. Invest in a quality exhaust.

Exhausts are powerful enough to boost air intake and overall performance of an engine. A cat-back exhaust system helps engines breathe and rev effectively while providing them extra BHP.

5. Upgrade the intercooler.

Turbochargers compress air before passing it into the combustion chamber. An intercooler is a key part in maximising cold air for better engine performance. This is different from a cold air feed because it squeezes more air into each cylinder of the engine using an air-to-water compression method.

Turbochargers come in different makes and models that fit different kinds of vehicles.

Have a turbocharger fitted for your engine.

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