Car breakdowns could give anyone a splitting headache. Imagine getting stuck in a roadside for hours before help arrives. It is not a great picture, right?

There are numerous reasons for this misfortune, and one of them is engine trouble. But do you know that you can prevent the car engine from an untimely breakdown? Before an engine breakdown, your car actually sends you various signals that it needs a repair. Unfortunately, you ignore these signs most of the time.

If you don’t want to be stranded on a roadside for hours, look out for warning signs that your car needs an engine repair. Here are A few of the signs:

Activated Check Engine Light

The check engine light is on your dashboard for a reason. It warns you before an engine issue becomes a huge problem. Most drivers ignore this warning light, as it means they have to spend money for repairs. But the truth is, the earlier you address the issue, the lesser money you’ll have to spend. Remember, engine replacements are usually expensive than repairs.

Frequent Jerking or Stalling

Driving should always be smooth and easy. So, if you find you car jerks or stalls frequently, it might be a sign that you have a clogged fuel filter or fuel lines. If not addressed immediately, any obstruction in the fuel or air flow could cause the engine to cut out, which could lead to an untimely car breakdown.

Loud Engine Noises

Knocking, hissing, and popping noises from your engine are never a good sign. These noises could mean there’s an issue in the camshaft or timing belt. If not repaired right away, these issues could cause irrepairable damage to your engine

Steam or Smoke

A steaming car engine could be a sign of radiator or coolant leaks. But the steam or smoke could also be a sign of faulty piston rings that could cause an engine breakdown. In either case, your car needs seen to by a mechanic.

Frequent Power Loss

When your car frequently loses power right after you start it, this could be indicative of engine trouble. Most cars today have an advanced engine management system that reduces the car power once it detects a serious issue in the engine. If you don’t want an engine failure, never ignore what your car’s engine management system tells you.


If you don’t want to deal with expensive engine replacements, always look out for the warning signs mentioned above and if you suspect any engine problems, get them looked at by a specialist.

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