Motor cross racing or motocross as it is more often called, is one of the most popular forms of sports that involve motorcycles. Motocross racing is a different kind of motorcycle racing, and involves motorcycles that are tuned and modified specifically for races that require vehicles that can manage all different types of hard terrain conditions.

Usually held in enclosed off road circuits, motor cross racing also requires a lot out of their motorcycle’s all terrain parts. This fact is so true in the case of motocross racing tyres.Motor cross racing tyres are developed in such a way that they can handle rough terrain, usually dirt roads, mud, up-hills, water, flatlands, grassy trails, and hard rocks or gravel.

Many major manufacturers of famous tyre brands are also the best sources of sports tyres specifically for motocross motorcycles. Some of the more popular tyre brands that have ventured into motocross racing include Bridgestone Motocross, which has come out with the much-favoured M23 hard terrain tyres. Another popular brand of motocross tyres is IRC Motocross Tyres. Their most popular products include the IRC VE32 and the VE33. is a great resource for many other valuable titbits of information regarding tyres specifically for motocross racing. The web site has a variety of articles that can provide more knowledge for the novice motocross enthusiast, as well as more tips for the more experienced racer regarding motocross tyres, pricing, and even other types of off road vehicle tyres like ATVs.

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