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How to remove smelly car odours

Posted By Melody Todd On May 29, 2014 @ 10:31 am In Vehicle Maintenance & Repairs | No Comments

You get into your car after the weekend and are welcomed by something that smells like a cross between wet dog and Saturday night takeaways… The ride to work is not going to be pleasant.

Fortunately, there is a solution. That cute car freshener hanging from your rear view mirror isn’t going to do it, so give one of these handy tips a go for a more enjoyable journey.

Ground coffee
Place small bowls of fresh coffee grounds on the seats and floor of your vehicle for 48 hours, (windows and doors shut). Then remove the bowls and discard the coffee.
The coffee will absorb most strong smells (even cigarette odours). You’ll be able to ride to work accompanied by Eau d’ le Starbucks rather than Eau d’ la Dog.

Charcoal briquettes
Charcoal briquettes are also odour absorbing super heroes. Place a large bowl of the briquettes in the front seat of the car and another in the back seat. If you have a station wagon, you may want to add a third in the boot.
Again, close up the vehicle for 48 hours and then remove the bowls. Your car will smell fresh, with all the odours absorbed by the charcoal.

Ordinary white vinegar
Pesky stale milk smells? White vinegar is fantastic at eliminating these. Place approx 1 cup of white vinegar in a bucket and top up with water. Leave it undisturbed in the closed vehicle for 48 hours. Your car will smell better when you next drive it.
(Or, if this doesn’t work try selling your car to an unsuspecting Dairy Farmer).

This one is my favourite. I get to be ‘green’ by recycling my junk mail and my car smells good!
Newsprint works really well as an odour absorber. Roll up several wads and place them under the seats. They will continue to absorb any smells and within days your car will be odour free. Replace the Newspapers periodically for continuous odour absorption.

One of these tried and true solutions is bound to work for you, so give them a go!

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