Nobody was born knowing how to write a business pitch and there are a lot of things to consider when crafting the perfect one. Whether you’re aiming to join the Fortune 500 list or just want to find an investor for your modest startup, a good pitch will be the difference between finding an investor or falling through the cracks. You’ve done the hard work coming up with the idea and bringing it into existence. Now isn’t the time to rest. Now is the time to learn how to pitch.

Refine your elevator pitch.

This is a very important step in framing your company’s image to potential investors. It’s how you explain everything about your product that’s interesting and useful. The language you use is the key. Every word counts. Spend ample time working and reworking this pitch so that it’s a smooth running marketing machine. Check out some useful tips in this article.

Cite your elevator pitch early.

When writing a long-form business pitch, make sure you get your elevator pitch in there early. Chances are investors won’t read the whole pitch, so you want them at least to have the chance to read the essence of your product or idea. Hopefully, if they’re the right investor and you’ve done your job, your elevator pitch will intrigue them enough to keep reading.

Research your potential investors.

Don’t write a general pitch for everyone. It will vary depending on who you’re pitching to. Find out who else they’ve invested in, what are their company’s values and mottos. Try to fit into your potential investors’ skin while making your pitch. What kind of language do they use in their own literature and marketing? Dissect and study them. Try to make your language complementary to theirs so they feel that they’re in familiar territory while reading your pitch.

Play up the benefits.

They’ve got a problem and you’ve got the solution. People love having their problems solved. Talk about what benefits you can bring to them, how your idea will make their lives easier, but their business grow by increasing their profits and cutting costs, etc.

Show the numbers.

Where’s the data that supports your product or idea’s success? Why should they believe that your product will deliver what you say it will? Time to bring out the charts, show off the percentages and make the investors aware of the facts that make you worth their time and investment.

But don’t forget to be human. Okay, while it’s great to talk numbers, the number one factor in any kind of investment, whether it’s a personal or business purchase, is emotion. Make your pitch tell a story. How did the idea came to exist? Who are the people on your team? What are the dreams and goals of your startup? What potential legend will the investors be championing by saying ‘Yes’ to your pitch?

Simple language. Drop business jargon. It’s alienating and annoying. Talk like a human being. Your pitch should use simple language. Too many bells and whistles and $5 vocabulary words will lose them. Your investors are busy people with the minutes of their day counted. Instead of trying too hard to impress them, try hard to keep things simple. They should feel like you’re taking them by the hand and leading them through your pitch, not showing off how obscure and smart you can be.

Business pitching is a difficult endeavor but there are several tools out there that make it much easier.

LivePlan is a tool that takes you all the way from mapping your ideas to formulating a polished business pitch. It offers:

  • A one-page pitch format;
  • A sharing feature that allows you to collaborate with team members;
  • Formats and advice for formulating a business plan;
  • Financial tracking system.

PitchEnvy is a gallery of startup pitches from businesses that went on to acquire investors. It’s a great resource for studying the dynamics of a successful pitch. You can also submit your own pitch for them to feature in their gallery to create more buzz and traffic for your business. Their site also has helpful articles on how to write a successful pitch.

JIAN is a business pitch software dinosaur – around since 1988. Though the new kids on the block may have the sleek designs, JIAN’s software is based on nearly three decades of business market experience. Their no-frills package offers:

  • a business planning handbook;
  • a business funding eBook;
  • dozens of pitch letter templates;
  • software for tracking financials;
  • 10-year financial business plan model.

AW Essay Writers is a custom writing service that provides professional assistance to those who need help with any type of their writing. Whether you have the final draft of your pitch and look for an expert opinion about its structure, language etc, or simply don’t know how to start your pitch – you can count on the advice of experienced writers and editors.

Enloop features a unique AutoWriting system that writes your plan for you with the data you enter. It also provides:

  • a comparison guide to similar businesses, letting you know where you’d stand among your competition;
  • a financials forecasting feature;
  • a sharing feature to collaborate with team members or share with potential investors;
  • an analysis of how you’re doing based on market statistics and advice on how to improve your business design.

BusinessPlanToday lets you work on your business plan at your own pace. Its features help guide you through the process in the correct order, and its financials section doesn’t allow you to miss a step. Visually simple and straightforward, this program takes you through the business plan formation step by step.

13.8% of Americans are starting or running companies that are less than 3 ½ years old. If you’re ready to join the league of business owners, a good pitch is where you’ll start. The art of the pitching is taking complicated ideas such as marketing, financials and planning and making it all look simple. By crafting a clear, simple pitch that’s easy to understand, you will definitely get your foot in someone’s door.

About the author:

Kimberly Wells is a ghost blogger and content writer. She readily shares her tips for successful business writing; still, the same cannot be said about the food. Feel free to circle her on Google+.


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