Running a successful business requires organization and streamlining of projects. No matter what you’re doing or how well you’re doing it, if you can’t create systems surrounding different projects, you’ll minimize efficiency and spend more resources, energy and money than you need to. Using software to create and manage clear task sequences helps curtail mistakes, accelerate processes and enhance productivity. The following mobile apps can help you plan and execute efficient systems to help your business thrive. 


Trello is a completely flexible tool that can be scaled to provide unlimited project and workflow management possibilities. It’s free and can be used on the computer or from any mobile device. The software allows users to create and share boards that organize tasks, directives, feedback and comments. It’s like taking all your sticky notes, project management software and email threads and combining them in one easily visible place. With Trello, you create boards for different projects. You can add cards to these boards with as much information in each card as is necessary to complete the task. The interface is easy; just drag and drop items where they need to go. Trello is easily adaptable to any workflow.


Individuals, small businesses and medium sized corporations can use WorkflowMax to manage projects, workflow and time. WorkflowMax helps organize documents into electronic files and streamline administrative tasks. The mobile software allows you to keep track of jobs from any location across the globe. Start projects by using WorkflowMax to keep track of leads and clients and send quotes. Manage projects with a variety of tools that track costs and update the status of different tasks. Grow your business by sending invoices and running reports right from the app.


Keep processes moving with this workflow app that not only works with mobile devices, but also is designed to take advantage of mobile capabilities. You can use Nintex to access SharePoint and Office365 processes from any location, whether you’re online or offline. Check and update tasks as easily as you scan for text messages, and pick up where you left off when you’re back at the office. Nintex syncs in real time with your desktop applications, so you don’t have to wait to get your work done.


Producteev helps team members collaborate even when they’re out of the office. With today’s corporate marketplace growing beyond the scope of office walls, it’s important to have an effective system for teamwork. Producteev is a social task management app that runs on all major mobile operating systems. It’s like an amped up online to-do list. Within minutes, you can create team projects, assign tasks, schedule deadlines and manage progress. The software can even turn an email into a task and send you a push notification when an action occurs on a task that’s assigned to you.

Liquid Planner

With Liquid Planner, you can turn complex projects into efficient systems. The software helps you with time management, social collaboration and making informed business decisions. It integrates with the software you already use and is available online, on iOS and on Android. Easily share photos, documents and other files necessary for your projects. The software connects conversations to tasks, so you can have virtual meetings about action items without ever having to leave your work space.

Don’t let working outside the office isolate you. You can remain even more connected with your projects when you rely on easy-to-use mobile apps that sync with other software and work in the cloud. Use tools like this to streamline all of your projects and stay productive.

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