There are many aspects to consider as you organise an Auckland exhibition. This ‘How To’ guide will help you tick off all the ‘to do” elements of your planning list.

Your event may be an art, a trade or a fashion event. Each one will have unique requirements, however they all will contain similar elements.

All exhibitions are a chance for suppliers or artists to promote a product to a wide audience. The businesses or art works are showcased in ways that grab people’s attention and create avenues for sales and follow up to generate revenue and long term clients.

Being a part of an exhibition helps to create a buzz around products and gives suppliers valuable face to face time with prospective clients/buyers.

No matter what the Exhibition is promoting you will want to make sure you have the ability to market the event to the right prospects and that you can build a brand within your niche market.

Budget Budget Budget

All exhibition planning is constrained by your budget. Think carefully about how much money you have to spend, how yow will record it, and make sure you stick to it.

The main things you need to think about are: Venues, Marketing, Technology and Décor, Food and Drink, Staff, Guest Speakers and Logistics.

And of course you will have to think carefully as to how much your exhibitors will pay to exhibit (if applicable) to ensure you cover costs, and make a profit if that is your goal.

Function Venues

Auckland is blessed with a huge variety of Exhibition spaces ranging from intimate function venues to large open plan buildings which can literally cater to thousands of visitors. When you think about Exhibition hire in Auckland you will need to decide upon, and book, the appropriate venue very early on in your planning. To do this you will need to imagine how many exhibitors you will have showcasing their products. It’s never too early to start with a venue search, both online and going to view venues to make sure you find the perfect space to meet your exhibition needs.


As part of your promotion to prospective exhibitors having an Auckland venue with WOW factor is really important. They will want to know their product and services will have great exposure and that the venue reflects their brand.  You will need to convince prospective exhibitors that it is a good investment for them to be a part of your event and that your marketing budget allows for a variety of exposure to reach their target market.

The Look

How will you manage how the Exhibition looks in terms of impact and stand set up? Make sure you get quotes from various exhibition hire suppliers. You will also need to spend a good portion on your budget on décor to ensure the exhibition environment is enjoyed by both exhibitors and attendees.

Seminars and Workshops

If appropriate for your event having industry specialist give seminars or workshops at your exhibition is definitely something to consider to create a buzz of expertise with your exhibition. This will not only give you a marketing edge it will also provide a great experience for your attendees and they will feel they are getting value for money with their ticket price.

Again having the appropriate venue is important if there are to be workshops/seminars taking place. You want to provide spaces which are comfortable and quiet.

You will have to plan for appropriate technology to be available and make sure it is fully functional during set up.


Whether you budget for providing refreshments yourself or have the venue organise food and beverages, this is a must. Both exhibitors and attendees will require spaces to eat and drink.

Get a Team Behind You

Planning an exhibition is a huge task. Make sure you have a good group of people you can delegate to and rely upon, both in the planning stage, during the exhibition itself and during the pack down phase.

The logistics, pre planning, set up, having plenty of staff on hand and available during the day to help trouble shoot and being able to get core messages to attendees and exhibitors are all of the upmost importance. Having the right team to help throughout is key to a successful exhibition.

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