So you’ve decided to join all those brave people out there and start importing goods for your own business. It is really exciting searching on the Internet or visiting an overseas country to source your product but the headaches tend to begin when you have to start thinking about importer legislation and the million other things you need to plan.

Luckily there are some great resources out there and if you know how other importers have done it hopefully your headaches will be small ones.

If you are worried about your goods arriving in one piece and in the same condition they were dispatched then choosing the right shipping container devanning service is key. Container devanning is the term used for container unpacking.

Follow this quick step by step plan to choosing the right container devanning team so you can relax and enjoy your new importing business

1. Do some research about what sort of container devanning service you require. A container devanning company should have qualified forklift operators, and experienced handlers who will know how to unpack your shipping container and how it can be loaded after the devanning process.

2. Ask if you can be on site when your shipping container is being devanned. Especially for people new to importing products this is really important. It allows importers to view the whole container devanning operation.

3. If you are importing cars, caravans, tractors or other types of machinery that need fumigation find a site that can offer a vehicle washing facility as well as a container devanning service. A lot of this machinery costs a lot of money so once again being on site is really important.

4. Choosing a MAF and ATF Customs bonded site is a good idea. It means everything can be done in one spot all at the same time. Plus a site that offers these services has to pass an audit process to make sure their container devanning and other storage and warehousing facilities reach a high standard.

5. Most container devanning companies would recommend you use a customs broker, especially at the beginning. Trying to do it all yourself is definitely do-able but customs brokers are the perfect coordinators to pull all the pieces of the puzzle together seamlessly.

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