Online reviews are one of the best opportunities to increase sales and create brand awareness. It is known that people will buy more from companies with positive feedback from their clients, as we are more likely to trust in what other customers say compared to what the business owner says. Reviews can also be a perfect source of information about what you need to improve in your service or product without having to spend money and time doing research.

You certainly should try to increase your influence in online reviews. Consider adding review monitoring tasks to your schedule, or alternatively delegate it to someone in your team, but it will worth every minute and every cent.

Make it easy to review your business

If you want to increase the chances of getting positive online reviews about your business, you should make it easy for your clients to review you. A review process that is hard to find or hard to complete will not only put them off but also can upset your client – so their words might not be as kind as you wish.

So make sure that you let them know where to write a review and to provide them with a link on your newsletter; a QR code on your menu, or even a simple link address on your business card. And if you have your own review solution on your website, make sure that this is as straightforward as it can be and not a long form that takes ages to get done.

Answer ALL your reviews

This will make your clients very happy, both the satisfied and the dissatisfied ones. In this context, answering the disappointed ones seems to be norm, either to explain why the problem happened (and apologise for it) or to ask them to contact your customer service to discuss the topic further. Don’t argue, but try to handle the issue for them.

You should give the same importance to your happy clients and thank them for taking the time to write a review about your product or service. It also works as a positive reinforcement, increasing the engagement between your client and your brand, which can lead to recurrent sales.

Always be honest

Needless to say that replying to bad reviews by lying your way out is not a good idea. Even if you are a good liar and manage to bring up some great arguments, you should know that in a battle between you and your client, your potential customers will side with your client in every occasion.

So always be honest while trying to remain positive. Any feedback is good feedback for it is an opportunity for you to improve.

Avoid saved replies

If you deal with a high volume of reviews, it is understandable if you feel like you need some saved replies. This is especially true when it comes to positive reviews, as most of the comments can look alike, and you feel like there isn’t enough ways to say thank you.

But while this is understandable, it is precisely your happy customers that you should consider as an asset to your company as you want that they spread the word about the quality of your products. So make sure that you avoid copying and pasting saved replies as much as possible so not to sound lazy or that you only care about the bad reviews.

Answer as soon as possible

Unanswered reviews seed distrust. If you leave a bad review without a response, people might think that you just can’t deny the facts or have no idea of what to say. And it can be worse than whatever the truth is.

So try to answer your replies as soon as possible. If you have responding to reviews in your calendar then there will be consistency to when replies to reviews are posted, which customers will appreciate.

To Sum Up

To increase your influence in online reviews, you will need to make sure that most of them are positive and that you neutralise those that aren’t. And to ensure it, you will have to make the reviewing process as simple as possible for starters.

Plus, you should always offer high-quality answers to your reviews by providing honest and resourceful information. You should also thank your happy customers for taking their time to leave a note about your business as well. Avoid saved replies and answer your clients as soon as possible so to show that your care about what they say and about the image of your business.

By following these suggestions above, you are more likely to get positive results from your online reviews from now on. And they will reflect on your sales and reputation as soon as you start adopting them, so don’t leave them for tomorrow.



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