Setting goals are important. Goals give you motivation for whatever short-term or long-term vision you have set yourself to accomplish.

Research studies show that there is a direct link between setting goals and enhancing performance whether it’s in business, sports or in any aspect of life.

Goals allow you set and measure progress when trying to achieve something, without them your precious time and effort can go wasted.

But what goes into making successful goals?


A SMART goal is exactly that, it stands for 5 key aspects that make up a successful goal.  Goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timed.

1. Specific:

 Making your goal as specific as possible to your desired end result will give you a greater chance of being successful. Using the 6 “W”’s of Who, What, Where, When, Which and Why will allow you to ask yourself what you are really trying to achieve and gain a clear understanding on where you want to go.

2. Measureable:

 Goals need to be measurable. There is nothing more satisfying then setting yourself a goal and being able to complete it. When you measure your goals, you will need to set yourself something realistic to achieve. This could be a target amount, a time or a distance. Asking yourself questions like ‘How Much’? or ‘How Many?” will help you set this aspect.

3. Achievable:

 There is no point in setting yourself goals that are not achievable. You need to be committed to being able to make the effort to actually achieve it. Are you willing to make a commitment to reach your goal? If not, are you able to change your goal to make it more achievable.

4. Realistic:

Your goal must be realistic and represent an objective that you are willing to work towards achieving. Your goal can be big or small but you are the only one who can decide on how realistic it will be. Do not sell yourself short, you will be surprised with what you can achieve with realistic goals.

5. Time-bound:

Any goal should be limited within a time frame. Setting a time restraint will create a sense of urgency for you to complete your goal, which will increase your motivation for getting a result. It will also help you identify specific actions that you need to take to achieve your goal, whereas setting yourself a vague time frame like ‘sometime’ won’t push you to your limits.

Your turn – Go and set SMART goals

By following these simple steps when setting goals, you will find yourself being able to tackle any new challenge you face and you’ll be smashing goals in no time!

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