Employing the right candidate for your company can be a hard task to master – somebody that looks perfect on paper may not necessarily be the right person to employ. Here are some easy steps that will take you through from advertising a role to hiring your new employee.

Where To Advertise

There are tonnes of places where you can advertise your vacancy but the majority of these will have a fee attached. To get maximum potential from your ad with minimum cost, look for newspapers, magazines or websites that are centred around the area in which you want to employ – such as specialist accountancy journals, creative websites etc. This will determine that your ad is seen by the people who are qualified to do the job you want done.

Structuring Your Ad

When writing your advertisement, be as detailed as the space given will allow you to be. Thoroughly explain the job specification that the candidate will have to work towards, detail the skills that are needed for the job and also the salary range. This will ensure that you won’t waste time receiving CVs from, and calling, candidates that are under/over qualified or that are above your salary range.

Filtering Through Candidates

To save time, it’s probably better that you filter through the CVs you receive, as you receive them – this will mean that when the closing date comes, you don’t have heaps of CVs to go thus through speeding up the interview process.

When you are reviewing candidates CVs, scan through and pick out their attributes, skills and qualifications that suit the role in question – if they tick all these boxes then shortlist them for interview. Filtering through CVs can be a very ruthless task but if the person does not have the skill set you need, then inviting them for an interview would be a waste of time for all the parties involved.

The Interview Process

Once you have shortlisted the candidates, it’s time to start the interview process. It’s important to bear in mind that although a candidate might seem perfect on paper, they might not fit into your company or the team that they will be working on. Trust your gut instinct, if you feel they are not right for the job then go with that.

You will already know most of their employment history from their CV so ask questions about their personality, what kind of things they’re interested in, if they have any hobbies or not. This will let you find out more about them as a person and if they’re right for your company.

If you are undecided between more than one of the candidates, invite them back for a second interview to form a better opinion of them.

Reference Checks

Once you have decided on a certain candidate, conduct reference checks with previous employers. Ask them questions about their time-keeping, work ethic and how they integrated with the team they were working within. This will give you an idea of how they will work within your company.

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