Whether you like it or not, it’s time to get festive! Christmas is jingling all the way closer and it’s about time you started to think about adding a little spruce to your home decor. If your household is anything like most, it’ll be far from a silent night when it comes to decorating the Christmas tree. The lights need to be untangled, the tinsel taken out of its year-long hibernation and we won’t even go into the arguments about who’s turn it is to put the fairy on the top! Well, this year we tell you how to go from naughty to nice when it comes to your tree and give you some top tips on how to get those baubles just right!

The Tree

First things first, you’ve got to choose the nicest tree. Take a Goldilocks approach and get it just right! Take into account the size of the room it’s going to be in, you don’t want to be battling branches just to see who’s sitting beside you.

The lights

Once you’ve picked the perfect tree and gotten it back to your house, it’s time to start decorating. If last year’s lights have more knots than a speeding boat then it’s time to bin them! For the sake of a few dollars (and a bit of peace) get a new set. The lights should be first to go on your tree. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Move from the trunk to the tip and back again, spreading them evenly across the branches, covering both sides. Plug them in and voila, you’ve seen the light!

The Tinsel

This particular decoration is a dying breed when it comes to Christmas trees, with lots of people opting for a more minimalist approach. But if you want to add a little more sparkle, tinsel is definitely the way to do it. There’s no right way or wrong way to add tinsel, so just go with the flow and have some fun with it. Whether it’s standing four feet away and launching it at your tree or taking a more conservative approach and draping it over the branches, you’ll achieve the desired effect.

The Ornaments

Next up are the baubles. Trees with a theme generally look more professional so think of a festive colour scheme and go with that. Two colours are just about enough. Take your baubles, and disperse them evenly. Place your favourites at the front and spread out the bigger ornaments, filling the gaps with the smaller ones.

The finishing Touches

The last thing to go on your tree should be the topper. The traditional tree topper is a fairy or a star but whatever you choose, this is always the best part of decorating a Christmas tree. Take a stepladder (it’s better to be safe than end up underneath a Christmas tree you’ve just spent hours decorating!) and place the topper on the tip of the tree.

And there you have it. An aesthetically pleasing, perfectly decorated tree! Watch this quick video to really get you into the Christmas Tree decorating spirit!


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