Hot Cross Buns are as much an Easter tradition as eggs, bunnies and bonnets so why not have a go at baking them this year instead of buying them. Here’s a recipe that’ll get your mouth watering.

What You’ll Need

450g/1lb plain flour
½ tsp ground cinnamon
1½ tsp mixed spice
50g/2oz butter
1 tsp salt
3oz currants
2oz mixed peel
1½ tsp dried yeast
100ml water
100ml milk
1 egg, beaten

To decorate:
100g/4oz readymade shortcrust pastry

1 egg


Step 1 – Filter the flour, salt, cinnamon and mixed spice into a large bowl then rub in the butter then stir in the mixed peel, yeast and currants.

Step 2 – Make a well in the middle of your mixture and pour in a beaten egg, milk and water. Mix all this together until you form dough then knead this out (should take approx 7 – 10 mins to be fully kneaded)

Step 3 – Put your dough back into a greased bowl, cover and leave in a warm place for one hour so that it rises.

Step 4 – Knead the dough again for a few minutes then divide it into 12 pieces and shape into round buns. Place your buns on a greased baking tray making sure to leave enough space between each one for them to rise. Cover these again and leave to rise for approx 40 mins.

Step 5 – Preheat your oven to 200C / 400F

Step 6 – Start to make the decoration for the top of the buns by taking your shortcrust pastry, rolling it and cutting out 24 strips from it. These will be placed on top of your buns.

Step 7 – By this time, your buns should be risen just enough. Brush the top of them with a beaten egg then place your strips of shortcrust pastry across the top to form a cross shape. Brush with a little more egg then place in the oven. Cook for about 18 mins, or until they’re golden brown.


You can either eat your hot cross buns when they’ve come out of the oven (obviously giving them a little time so they don’t totally burn your mouth!) or leave to cool, toast them and eat with lots of real butter!

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