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Choosing a laptop for business purposes can be a harrowing experience. Just ask anyone who has recently set up a business – the ‘trillion and one’ features and options available for business laptops these days are enough to ‘do your head in!’

Basic vs. Top-Of-The-Line

No need to max out the entire IT budget – unless of course you’re planning on some serious online gaming in-between creating spreadsheets, emailing clients, or Skyping offshore suppliers!

Your ‘best bet’ is to focus on what you’ll be using your laptop for. What it costs is almost irrelevant when you consider the tax savings on the purchase or lease.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Are you simply looking for basic task functionality, or do you need some ‘serious binary grunt’ in order to run highly demanding, CPU and RAM-sapping applications?
  • If you’re not looking for much more than standard e-mail, Internet access, and communication capabilities, the premeditated absence of ‘Hubble telescope quality’ video cards, widescreen/high-resolution screens, and biometric user recognition might not be such a bad thing after all!

However, if ‘ET’s needing to call home’ or perhaps ‘export a few terabytes of data in-between shuttles’ – you’ll want to invest in a more powerful and sophisticated system that has high-resolution screens, dual video cards, at least 8 GB of RAM and a very savvy quad-core processor.

Performance is everything

Dual or quad-core processor? Dual cores are less expensive – that’s because they operate with less capacity. But they’re still a sexy choice. However, if you’re looking to turbo-charge your system’s multitasking computing power, go the quad-core way.

You can never be too careful

Protect your laptop and data stored within it by choosing a model that not only meets your business’s security needs but boasts hard drive data encryption and remote administration as standard features.

Battery life-expectancy

Provided you charge them correctly, laptop batteries typically last between 4 and 7 hours before needing to be recharged; although some models can ‘hang in there’ for up to 10 hours.

Think ‘portability’

You KNOW you ‘need to get out more’… so choose a thin, lightweight model that’s easy to carry.

‘Bomb-proof’ is good

Ever since the ‘invention of small children’, it’s always made more sense to choose laptops designed to withstand anything and everything ‘thrown’ at them.

Stay connected

To be productive ‘on the road’, you need to stay connected. Do the ‘geek thing’ and choose a laptop with built-in wireless and Bluetooth technology.

Choosing a laptop to meet all your business requirements, yet still fall within some semblance of affordability, is about as easy as discussing quantum theory with a hedgehog.

Hopefully though, these handy tips will help.

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