People have been using a desktop computer at home, work, and school for years now and they are great machines to have without a doubt. The only drawback about using a desk top is that it can be so inconvenient to take it with you if you were to need to. Although the hard drive tower and monitors are much more compact now than they used to be, it is still inconvenient. Thank goodness someone came up with the idea for a portable computer called the laptop.

Laptop beats desktop for portability

Laptops are so very popular now that they are often chosen over a conventional desk top because of the ability to carry them with you so easily, almost everywhere you go.

You can do anything with a laptop that you can with a desktop. You can use a printer with them and other types of hardware as well. Connecting to the Internet is no longer a problem because there are wireless Internet cards that you can install that will pick up an Internet signal right out of the air, so to speak, which means if you are anywhere near an Internet tower or signal, you can connect. A laptop can be operated by battery or by electricity which makes them even more versatile.

Information at your fingertips wherever you are

Another great thing about being able to take your computer with you is the ability to have all of your computer information at your finger tips wherever you are. If you are using a computer at a library or at the house of a friend, you can not access things that are on your computer at home like files, documents, pictures, or music – unless you have forwarded these things to your email, downloaded them onto a compact disk, or have the information on some Internet site that stores information for you.

Why do any of that when you can simply invest in a laptop that you can move around with you just like a briefcase?

You can buy laptops in a range of prices depending on what you want to spend. You can purchase them with as many bells and whistles as you can afford. Even if you do not need to use a laptop to travel with on business or for school, you will find that they are very convenient to use even at home. While you usually have your desk top placed strategically in the home where it is the most convenient to use, a laptop with a wireless card can easily be carried from room to room. If you use your computer on a regular basis and think a laptop would suit you well, why not trade in your old desktop for a better way?

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