When your upgrade your machine or your computer breaks, getting rid of it can be a bit of a pain. Sometimes the hardware is too old to sell, and the dump don’t accept personal computer (PC) parts or highly metallic inorganic rubbish anymore. Where will you take it? Do you break it to pieces and just wait for the  next inorganic collection? Of course, you don’t there are much better ways of getting rid of your older PC parts When it is time to say goodbye to your old PC or laptop, make sure you are disposing of it responsibly. After all you have a couple of options.


Scrap metal recycling is a good way to get rid of old electronics, including your computer. Especially if your parts are too old or broken beyond repair. Bringing your PC to metal buyers like Metal Salvage Services,is a great way of getting rid of your PC or laptop and reducing your environmental impact. They spare you the trouble of having to find a recycling facility and bringing them there. You could also get a little extra cash for your scrap as an added bonus.also pay you for providing the metal, so it is an advantageous arrangement for you.


You don’t always have to throw a computer out to get rid of it especially if you are upgrading. You may want to use it again, but not as your main rig. It is common for people who upgrade their older machines to re purpose the older model for use. May modern PC’s can be rebuilt to be used as a network storage drive or local server. You could also use this as an opportunity to add to your existing machine and cannibalize the hard drives from your old machine to get extra storage space.


Selling your computer is always an option. But you aren’t always going to get lucky and have someone take your old computer off your hands. Sometimes your PC or peripherals are just too far behind the current generation and will not sell as a whole unit, but you could potentially recover some cost from the parts. Of course that all assumes you  find a buyer who actually wants the hardware in your PC. With some laptops provided they aren’t ancient 97 years old+ you may recover some money on them, but you are never going to recover your initial costs when  you resell it.


If you are unable to sell it within your preferred time frame or you simply don’t have the space anymore, you could always try giving away your machine.. Giving your computer to a friend or family member is usually a good way to get rid of it quick, but most schools, charities and non-profit organisations will usually accept a second hand computer , provided that it is still in good working order and they actually have use for it.


A monitor may be re-purposed as a TV screen, while the keyboard may just be connected to another device. If the machine has wireless capability, use it as a router. By doing so, you keep your computer out and gain a new device in its place.

You may be getting rid of your old machine. But, with these ideas, you are getting something from it. Whether it is money, a makeshift device or personal satisfaction, you know you are doing

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