Labels make a brand. They make the item recognisable, so if you are a manufacturer, you have to invest in great labels. If not, then you risk your product blending and looking like one among thousands of other products on a shelf.

But then the question becomes, how does one make an eye-catching label?. How will you create a an attractive label that conveys your message? If you talk to any creative label-maker they will give you a good idea of things to look at. In the passages below, we have outlined several tips form a number of designers and label makers to help you design an make the perfect product labels for your business.

Browse Typefaces

When creating a label, the logo must be immediately visible, and it has to be the focus. That’s why the font you choose must make it so. It is not recommended to pick a pre-installed typeface from your computer and use it on the label. Ideally you’d want your label text to complement or reflect any typeface used in the logo.

Match product descriptions with your branding. Round and thick typefaces work well for food items and convey a more casual and fun approach. If you are selling toiletries and hygiene products, scripts and serifs are good choices as they project reliability and professionalism. Serifs are typefaces with protrusions, and they are usually used for longer details on labels. But, they can also suit formal branding styles.

Slab serifs, the thick, block-like fonts, are also quite versatile. They are suitable for  a range of different items and styles. The key is choosing a font that looks and feels like your brand.

Experiment With Shapes

Shapes do not always have to be on your logo. They can be anywhere on your label; you can put them on the composition, instruction or warning panels. They can work to break up the blocks of information on the page making the information look less chunky and more organised.

When choosing shapes for your label, it’s tempting to go with boxes. But, circles also work well for holding together shorter details. With the right font size and colours, circular labels can be very attractive. You may also cut your labels in these shapes.

Insert a Catchy Tagline

Customers love a good tagline, with which they associate a good product. When coming up with one, less is more. The wordier it is, the harder it is to recall. Rhyming words, popular phrases, wordplay and puns are all-time favourites for taglines. Print them above or below the logo.

Colour it Right

Vibrant colours look great on labels, but you need to know which ones to use. Also, always balance them out with blacks, whites and other neutral shades. Do not pick the ones that are too bright, as they make the label hard to read. Overly light tones make it look washed out and old. Strive for balance and good printing quality for a noteworthy look.

Coming up with a label that embodies your brand and suits your market is not easy. Details are everything.In choosing the right tones, shapes colors and fonts, you will be able to come up with a product label, that reflects your brand identity.

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