The increasing popularity of Periscope has made it attractive both for marketers and other broadcasters. Periscope offers broadcasters new and exciting opportunity to reach their audience at real time video broadcasting, and all that is necessary is a working internet connection. As is the case with other highly successful apps, Periscope is being used in creative ways, and one of them is making money. A growing number of broadcasters is using Periscope as a source of income. We give you some ideas how to use Periscope to earn money.


Periscope gives you the chance to interact with your viewers and build a meaningful relationship with them. Once your viewers become subscribers, they can join your mailing list and turn into buyers.

Getting subscribers will require you to post quality, and most importantly, relevant content. Before you do this, consider researching current trends on the internet.
Remember that you need to be concrete and provide real value to your viewers, so that they are motivated to return and eventually subscribe to your channel.

Advertise via Live-Stream

The live stream is a massive chance for you to demonstrate not only the products and services but also your skills.
Interactive course via Periscope is a great way of earning money. You can turn this into your sales channel and launch real marketing campaigns for your products and skills.

Live Tutorials

Live broadcasting has made it much easier to share your skills with others. You are now able to do this via live tutorials. Whether you want to teach English or give cooking lessons, there is live audience available.
Of course, you need to make sure that you are helping people, so be prepared to answer questions and give explanations.

Live tutorials are among the most popular content on the internet. If you are able to deliver real value to your viewers, there is a good chance you will earn money on Periscope.

Promote Your Products and Services

Periscope offers you a chance to present your products and services to a broad audience. Think of your channel as your promotion campaign for your products and services. Just like companies and brands use TV commercials to promote their products, you can use your Periscope channel to do the same,

This is also your big chance to talk about your products/services and tell potential customers how to and where to buy them.

As with any other promotion campaign, you will need to provide strong reasons why should customers choose you over your competition.

Live streaming is also advantageous when it comes to directly engaging your audience.

Find Sponsors for Your Broadcasts

Many companies are paying broadcasters to mention or even directly present their company’s products and services in their broadcasts.
It is often the case that viewers are not even aware of products and services being advertised in the background, but this is still one of the most powerful and effective promotion campaigns.

Much will depend on your ability to create a solid audience base and a solid relationship with your viewers. This will make you attractive for companies and brands who are looking for new ways to advertise their products and services and reach the new audience.

However, keep in mind that full-time product selling can drive away your audience, so it recommended you subtly promote products and services in the background.

Use Periscope to Grow Your Email List and Social Media

Periscope can be your tool in directing more traffic to your social media profiles, as well as your email list.
Give people relevant information and issue a Call-to-Action, but keep in mind that you have to target your audience and provide meaningful information to them.
You CTA has to reflect this fact.

For example, give a CTA to like your Facebook page or subscribe to your YouTube channel, but don’t this too aggressively.
You will be successful only if your visitors believe you provide them with real value.

Talk About Yourself

Not all your efforts have to be limited to promotion and advertisement. You can simply talk about yourself, your skills and show your audience what you do and what motivates you.
This will help you build a recognizable image and help you in the long run.

People will buy from you if you establish a good reputation and a personal and direct relationship with viewers.

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