Choosing the Right Agency

Hiring a digital marketing agency to manage pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be a great way to drive awareness of a brand and to steer traffic toward your business. However, there is much more to using PPC effectively than just deciding that you want to join a network like Google AdWords. You need a coherent strategy, an understanding of the technology and an ability to stay current with the changing landscape.

For this reason, many companies turn to hiring an agency that specialises in pay-per-click advertising. As the operator of a business, you likely don’t have either the full expertise or time available to set-up and run a PPC campaign to its full earning potential. Many PPC campaigns require large amounts of time to optimally manage the campaign over time to make sure that it continues to get great results.

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Finding a Paid Search Agency

For many companies, contracting the work out to a digital marketing agency will be the best way to go. This way, you get the expertise of a team of professionals and you can still focus on the core operations of your business. That being said, not all paid search agencies are equal and you will want to find one that is best suited to the goals of your company. Before you hire this work out to a digital marketing agency, there are a few things to consider and a few things that you should know.

What are you trying to achieve?

To start, you need to evaluate your goals as a business and determine whether paid search advertising is right for your operation. Consider whether your niche is something is that actually a common search term. Think about how ready your website is to handle the increased inflow and whether it is ready to capitalise on that traffic. If the type of product or service that you offer is an uncommon search term, then it could be difficult to capitalize on PPC. If your page is not attractive and useful to the people that click through, then you could end up paying for clicks that do not convert into business.

If you are not sure whether your site is ready to convert the clicks, then you might want to look for a digital agency that does more than just PPC. Most digital marketing agencies will also offer services like SEO and website optimization; these services can work well for helping a company to capitalize on their pay-per-click campaign.

The range of services on offer

When you hire a digital marketing agency to manage a PPC advertising campaign, you want to know the full scope of services that they offer. If you need landing pages for these clicks, you want to know that the agency can help you create them. You also want to know if they will track the success of different parts of the PPC campaign or if that is up to you. If you need things like SEO services and digital content in addition to the PPC campaign, then it might be better to find an agency that does all of these things.

Openness & Input

You want to find a company that is open and willing to accept the level of collaboration that you need from a marketing agency. In regard to openness, you want a company that keeps you abreast of what they are doing and is willing to provide you with regular progress reports. As for collaboration, it is important to know that you have a team that will be accepting of your input. If a digital agency is reluctant to be open or to collaborate, that could be a very big red flag.

Pay-per-click can be a big difference maker for a company that is having trouble getting traffic to their site. But if a PPC campaign is not managed properly, then it will not get results and it could be a waste of time and money. To get the best results, you need to understand your own needs and find a team that can deliver.

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