Are you stuck for optimisation ideas for your Google AdWords campaign? Your ads aren’t showing nearly as much as they should be, and your impression share is losing out to budget? Well, let’s start showing your ads ONLY when you are likely to convert!

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Ad scheduling is an effective strategy in Google AdWords where ads are shown at the optimum time of day, or day of the week, resulting in maximum value for money and an increase in impression share if used correctly. We can monitor results to see when the highest number of conversions are made, when these clicks and conversions are low in cost, and schedule your ads to run between these hours. If a campaign has a low impression share due to budget, ad scheduling can improve this and ensure media spend is allocated at a time when you are most likely to receive conversions.


First of all we need enough data to analyse when/ if ads should be scheduled.


To do this we begin by looking at the “search Impr. Share” & “Search Lost IS (Budget)” columns in Google AdWords. These are found in the campaign level of an account in Google AdWords. Make sure this data is from at least a 30 day period.

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If your Search impression share is low, and Search Lost IS (budget) column is high, this is when we should look at implementing ad scheduling. This is because your ads aren’t serving as often as they should be, because of the budget. So, we can reduce the hours ads are shown, resulting in more budget allocation for the hours we WANT ads to show.


The next step is to then work out when you are receiving the highest number of conversions, and when your conversion rate is at its highest.


To do this, we can click on the “dimensions” tab in Google AdWords, and segment the data, by “hour of the day”, as well as “day of the week”. We can now analyse the number of conversions, conversion rate and cost per conversion to decide on which hours in the day/ days of the week, are receiving the most conversions. We can also view this data in Google Analytics, as well as third party call tracking reporting if this is set up.

To implement the ad scheduling, we now:

  1. Go to settings in AdWords & click on ad schedule
  2. Click +ad schedule
  3. Click +create custom schedule
  4. Select the days, and hours of the day you wish your ads to run
  5. Click Save

You will then see a graphic like the below example which has a schedule of 7am – 4pm, Mon- Sun.

Ad Scheduling adwords Yellow How to

Your ads will now only run over a set schedule, and you will be able to monitor your campaign’s performance and adjust as necessary. For further detailed information on how to schedule ads in Google Adwords browse the information available here or follow the instructions in the video below

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