When you are planning or updating a website it is especially important that you factor in Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) to maximise your sites Return on Investment (ROI).


How do you know you are getting the best ROI with your website? Websites cost thousands of dollars, so ensuring your website is bringing more awareness to your brand, creating active users who engage with content or buy your products or services is vital. In other words how do you make sure you are converting passive viewers of your website into active ones? Ones who will turn into paying customers or respond to your specific call to action?


Using a specialist digital marketing agency to help you increase your conversion rate can be a really smart move. The experts at a digital agency have the skills and knowledge to effectively optimise your websites visitor views and convert them into actions through the use of a variety of clever techniques. This process also creates hard data (in the form of analytics and comparison of actions and results) which will shape and drive your website to bring up to 20% more conversions and give you the maximum return.


What you need to think about when ensuring you are going to get great conversion rates.


Keep It Simple

Keep the layout of the website clean and simple. Distracting graphics or a clash of site elements will turn people off and will not drive your conversion rate to its full potential.

You want to make sure that when your website is being designed it makes it really easy for your website visitors to make a purchase or respond to a call to action.

Make sure the website can be viewed on different browsers so that you are not losing potential sales through the site being inaccessible.

If you have buttons for a shopping basket make sure it is easy to see and use. Potential customers will simply give up if the steps needed to make a purchase are too hard to find and they will go elsewhere for the products they want. Use clear bold fonts with a strong call to action.

Provide extra information on your products or services through the use of PDF links to make sure your potential customers don’t need to leave your site to find out all the information they need.


Paid Search Marketing

To be competitive in the online world you need to be found quickly in Search Engines. If you are willing to invest in Pay Per Click (PPC) then you can see your website appear higher than your competitors in search engine rankings. Google AdWords and Yahoo search marketing are examples of PPC or paid search strategies. You want to be found easily by your target audience to endure you get an excellent ROI. Talk to a specialist PPC Agency to see how paid search marketing can help your business get to the next level and convert more passive viewers to paying customers.


Contact Information

Make sure your website looks professional and trustworthy. You have to include clear contact information so potential customers can contact your organisation with any questions they may have before making the decision to purchase a product or service or respond to a call to action. Be clear and transparent about who and where you are and give telephone and email options for customer contact. This will ensure that you will build trust with your audience and convert a higher number of potential customers into paying ones.



A proven way to increase the CRO is to allow your customers to add reviews of your products and services. Not only do they improve the CRO they also help to improve future sales. Using a credible feedback service will add extra weight to the reviews and give you more exposure in the online world.


Follow Up Is Great For Business

Once you have converted a visitor to a customer make sure you follow up on a regular basis. Create robust data base systems which allow you to follow up with emails, e-newsletters, offers and specials. Once they have been a customer they are more likely to purchase from you or use your services again. If you use follow up well you will keep your products and services in the forefront of your customer’s minds and they will automatically search for you again in the future.


Using an experienced digital marketing agency will help you with all of these ideas and more to ensure that your website gets the traffic it deserves and your Conversion Rate Optimisation increases to ensure you get the very best return on your online investment.

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  1. Peter says:

    While I agree on the basics, it’s just that. The basics.

    The most CRO technique I found was to A/B test everything with Optimizely. You can never assume ANYTHING! People sometimes do the weirdest things and changing sizes, fonts, colors, buttons, placements…everything can and will have an impact.


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