If you’re a gym owner looking to boost membership or a fashion blogger trying to catch the attention of local brands, you may already have some kind of social media presence. And Instagram could be part of your social media marketing mix.

As a visual marketing medium, Instagram can work wonders for brand image and audience engagement. It can open up business opportunities, support your sales goals, and – of course – allow you to scale geographical barriers to reach out to a massive audience. Before you can extract business value from Instagram, you need to have a healthy number of followers.

This is the elephant in the room that social media marketers rarely talk about : to get Instagram followers, you’ll have to execute a number of strategies before figuring out which ones work best for you. No doubt, it will be a time-consuming effort, and if you’re not sure of what you’re doing – quite probably a wasted effort. Gaining a large number of real Instagram followers quickly is a herculean task, unless you’re Kim Kardashian, Lionel Messi or Nike.

Still, there are some best practices on how to get popular on Instagram that must definitely be tried:

1. First things first, share amazing photos

Original, unique, personal, impactful – photos must resonate with your target audience and spark their interest in your business. Leverage Instagram for visual storytelling, where you showcase your abilities or your product/service, and state your value proposition compellingly.

2. Post at the most opportune times

If you have international customers, it doesn’t make sense to post at a time when the other half of the globe is sleeping. If you have a local presence, it is important to know the days and the times of the day when Instagram users are most active. That’s not all, do your own research to identify when your target audience is likely to have downtime to spend on social media, and schedule your posting at these times.

3. Use relevant hashtags

Adding hashtags to captions will make you more visible to people searching for photos related to your industry, which in turn can help you win more targeted Instagram followers. The key is to use popular hashtags related to your industry, product or service. You can also create your own hashtags reflecting a particular campaign you’re running, but in the initial stages of follower acquisition, focus on leveraging hashtags that generate the highest interaction, such as #love, #like, #nice, #cute, #me, #happy, etc.

4. Use geotags

Tag photos with your location. If you have a physical store, center or office, tag photos with that location and encourage customers to follow suit. Users clicking on the photos can see all the photos posted from your gym, restaurant, store, office or location, gaining you more exposure.

At the very basic, you must implement these strategies, and you may see a trickle or a steady stream of followers. If you’re aiming for a large number of real Instagram followers without having to wait too long, a paid service is a smart move.

5. Use a reliable paid service

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Why would you buy Instagram followers ? A reliable social media provider for Instagram followers, likes and comments can deliver the quality and consistency you seek. It is the most efficient way of creating an Instagram presence that earns you credibility and differentiates you from the competition, in no time.

The good news is that quality paid services provide you with engaged followers who can help you build an authentic and impressive presence on Instagram. You get a good head-start with a committed follower base, improving your chances of being noticed by your target market. The more active followers you have, the greater the exposure you’re going to get, that’s why it’s important to buy followers from reliable providers.

It can sometimes be tedious to find legit services in this jungle, and after testing a few we recommend Social Envy; they provide quick results with engaged followers in your industry, whether it is Fashion, Fitness, Blogs, Food or Music for instance.

Paid services have been of invaluable assistance to up-and-coming fashion bloggers ambitiously pursuing endorsements and advertisers. And the good news is that those services for genuine Instagram followers can work for any niche. So if you’re facing pressure trying to get Instagram followers fast, a specialist paid provider just may be the best investment you make.

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