Naked broadband is just like your regular broadband service, only it is purchased without the need to signup for phone service which has traditionally been bundled with internet service. It is ‘naked’ in the sense that it comes without a phone service. More and more people are opting out of traditional landline phone service these days and don’t want to pay the extra fees required in maintaining one, and for these people naked broadband is a great option.

Traditionally the telcos have offered a discount for consumers who purchase telephone and data services together. However, now that so many consumers rely on their mobile phones for telephone and data services and subscription services like Lightbox, Quickflix or Netflix for their television, all they want is an affordable data plan without the other bells and whistles.Technically naked broadband works in the same way as other broadband services. All the user must do is plug the modem into the phone socket on the wall. This type of Internet service is fast, with speeds depending on a variety of factors, including the provider, the length and quality of the copper cable and traffic over the network.

Depending on your broadband provider, you may be able to purchase a VoIP account so you can make regular ‘landline’ phone calls through the broadband connection. However, many people find that all they need for voice calls is their mobile phone. Although naked broadband works through the phone line, be aware that it does not have a dial tone. That means phones, fax machines, some security cameras and alarm systems and other services that rely on a landline phone line may not be able to work..

Benefits of Naked Broadband

Naked broadband provides a significant financial benefit to customers because they no longer need to pay for telephone service. The equipment and physical setup are identical between regular DSL and naked broadband.

Where is Naked Broadband Available?

Naked broadband is available throughout most of New Zealand, although the main incumbent teleco’s havn’t typically advertised their naked broadband services as much as they do bundled packages (for obvious reasons). This is changing though as the consumer habits change so you can always ask if it’s available from your existing provider if you decide you don’t want an phone line. Naked broadband is sometimes referred to as standalone DSL because it does not require anything other than a data plan.
If you find that you only use the Internet at home and don’t have a need for a landline for a home office, you may be able to save money by using a naked broadband service such as Orcon’s. Naked broadband is often ideal for young people who rely on their smart phones or busy professionals who don’t spend much time talking on the phone at home. You may benefit from a naked broadband plan if you want to save money on a simpler data service.

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