Spy-ware can infect your PC in any number of ways: from the websites you visit, the pop up ads you click on, the files that you download, the e-mails that you receive or the license agreements that you authorize when joining a website.

If you don’t have top-of-the-line anti-virus and spy-ware protection software installed on your PC, you may already be infected with spy-ware and not even know it. Damage could be occurring to your system via spy-ware bots cleverly hidden somewhere in your system. And these bots may go undiscovered until it’s too late!

That’s why it’s important to have the best protection money can buy – not just against viruses but against spy-ware, ad-ware, mal-ware and all types of other threats that are ever present any time you log onto the internet or check your e-mail.

A program like Norton Internet Security is the epitome of protection. Norton Anti-virus is world-renown for protecting personal and business computers against the latest and most dangerous threats on the world-wide web. Norton now offers a whole protection suite for your PC that will keep you safe and protected against all forms of threats. With Norton 2009 installed on your PC you won’t have to worry about viruses, spy-ware, mal-ware or ad-ware; your software will update constantly to keep you protected from even the latest and most dangerous threats out there.

How you get Infected

Spy-ware and viruses can enter your computer through any number of ways. They can be unknowingly attached to e-mails from even the closest and most trustworthy people on your contact list. They can be invited in when you don’t fully read the terms and conditions that you agreed to when downloading software or programs from a ‘less than reliable’ source. They can enter when you accept a “wonderful free offer” from an unknown company, or click on a pop-up advertisement.

You mightn’t even think twice about performing any of the above mentioned actions; but in reality, each and every one of them can be the cause of a damaging virus or spy-ware bot getting into your PC and wreaking havoc with your operations.

How Norton 2009 Protects You

The new and improved Norton Internet Security 2009 is the fastest security software program available. You won’t ever have to worry about whether or not your security software is keeping up to keep you protected because Norton is the quickest in the business. The scanning process with Norton 2009 is faster than it’s ever been before, complete computer scans, which can take up to a half hour or more with other security software, are done in a flash with Norton’s cutting edge technology.

Norton Security 2009 offers pulse updates so you can be notified almost ‘up to the minute’ when updates are available. This will help keep you protected from the most recent threats out there. New viruses can crop up several times a day – one more dangerous than the next. With the pulse updates you can be certain that you are protected, no matter how new a virus or spy-ware bot is.

Norton protects your PC from every angle with a powerful two-way firewall, tight network connections… and blocks from potentially harmful websites. Norton takes any guess work out of risky decisions by warning you against and protecting you from just about every conceivable threat there is.

You’ve paid good money for your PC; there is no reason to let it get damaged or destroyed by spy-ware and viruses when there is a software program available like Norton Internet Security 2009. If you want your system running at its peak performance level and free from any imminent dangers that could be contracted from the internet, then the new Norton Security Suite is a must.

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