New Zealand has the potential to face many a natural disaster. In some cases there may be time for a warning – but an earthquake or tsunami could strike at any time…..

Civil Defence

When a Natural Disaster strikes, The New Zealand Ministry of  Civil Defence & Emergency Management is on hand to help the public with emergencies, disasters and environment concern.

Each Region in New Zealand has their own Council owned local Civil Defence team. Regional and local councils work together to develop Civil Defence plans to address any issues unique to your region or local disaster. The Civil Defence team are specially trained to provide warnings to the community and provide evacuation requirements including shelter and recovery and emergency assistance.

If a disaster strikes check with your local council and Civil Defence Group about the warning system in your local community and make sure you know what actions you must take when you hear of a warning.

Browse the Get Thru section of the Civil Defence website and take note of your local Civil Defence contact number as these are broken down into regions of New Zealand. Pop it on the fridge, and also place a copy of the information in with your Emergency Survival Kit.

You can also use the helpful section of the Yellow Pages® located in the back of your phone book, for tips on emergency information and radio station information.

Radio Stations

The following Nationwide Radio stations also great help in an emergency, and will carry civil defence information and advice:

Radio New Zealand National
Newstalk ZB
Classic Hits
More FM
Radio Live

Know how to tune into one of these stations in your particular area and record the station bandwidth in your Emergency Survival Kit.

Insurance Help

If there is a natural disaster, the Earthquake Commission (EQC) is your best form of contact for insurance help and advice. EQC is New Zealand’s primary provider of natural disaster insurance to residential property owners.

It insures against damage caused by earthquakes, natural landslips, volcanic eruption, hydrothermal activity, tsunami, storm or flood and fire.

Contact the Earthquake Commission (EQC) on 0800 DAMAGE 326 243

Please see the New Zealand Civil Defence website for full details and further information about Natural Disaster Emergency assistance.

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