In an earthquake, furniture, appliances and ornaments within your home can become a threat to your personal safety.

Taking a few simple steps to secure these items could lessen the chance of physical injury in a high magnitude earthquake. The key to creating a safer home is to secure as many items as possible, so the risk of items falling on you are minimised.

Here’s our tips on how to prepare your home for a possible earthquake….

Your home’s interior

  • Secure tall items-such as bookcases, shelving units or drawers-to wall studs
  • Put non-slip mats, rubber suction cups or Velcro under smaller objects (including appliances)
  • Make sure picture or mirror hooks are pressed securely closed
  • Hot water cylinders should be secured to the wall using metal strapping
  • Freestanding gas or wood burners should be secured to the hearth
  • Use flexible gas fittings on gas appliances
  • Retrain from storing heavy items up high
  • BluTack is ideal for securing ornaments
  • Childproof latches on cupboard doors will stop items from flying out in an earthquake
  • Use book shelf wires to minimise the chance of books flying off shelving

Your home’s exterior

  • Ensure your house is securely attached to its foundations
  • Galvanised metal bands will help secure your chimney in an earthquake
  • Ensure you have the right insurance cover for your home and content

By following these simple tips you can ensure that your family is well protected should the threat of a possible natural disaster occur.

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