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How To use Yellow® in a crisis

Posted By Katherine Robinson On September 8, 2010 @ 2:31 pm In Natural Disasters | 2 Comments

When tragedy strikes following a natural disaster, it can often become overwhelming. Where do you start in the process of fixing your home so that you can get your life back on track again? Yellow® [1] has a full list of all the services you need to get the Job done®. Here are a few basics to help….

Builders & Carpenters

When rebuilding your home, you want to ensure that not only are you getting good value for money, but also that the job will restore your loving home back to the way it was. Browse the Yellow®  book and [2] for Builders who specialise in Renovations and also consider Carpenters. These contractors can fix damage throughout the house including re-tiling your roof, repairing your chimney, renovate inside and outdoors, and restore fixtures and fittings. Businesses may want to consider Commercial Builders for larger scale buildings and bigger projects. Also consider Kitchen equipment and fittings.


If your bathroom, kitchen or laundry has become damaged, a Plumber will be required to fix the mess. Yellow® [1] lists Plumbers based by location in your area so you can find one nearby and close to your home. A plumber can handle problems disrupting your hot water cylinder, drains, sprouting and guttering, gas cylinder, toilet, taps and water supply.


It’s amazing how much we rely on power to get through modern life. If the natural disaster has caused a fault in your power supply, or has damaged light fittings, stoves and appliances, hot water supply, alarms and more, it’s wise to call an electrician and not attempt to fix the damage or perform any re-wiring yourself. Browse Yellow® [1] for a full list of Electricians servicing your area.

Skip Hire

If you have a lot of rubble to clean up, it will pay to hire a Skip. A Skip will be dropped off at your home and allow you to throw away all the mess which the natural disaster has caused. Yellow® [1] lists Skip Hire and Bin hire in your area for both residential and commercial use, and your builder and plumber may also require use of a skip when they start renovating and repairing.

Painters & Plasterers

Once the builders, plumbers and electricians have done their job, Plastering and Painting is probably the next step in finishing your home. You can choose to pay a professional to get the Job done® on both the interior and exterior of your home or workplace. The professional can strip and sand, then start afresh quickly and efficiently.  Browse the full list of painters and decorators in your area, and chose the one you think best fits your job. For budget conscious people an effective solution is to do the job yourself. Painting and decorating supply stores are listed throughout Yellow® [1] and stock a full range of different options for exterior and interior paint and wallpaper.

Furniture & Appliances

You may need to purchase brand new furniture and appliances for your home, or your may simply be able to repair damage to your existing furniture. Yellow® [1] has a comprehensive list of Furniture Retailers located in your area, plus a list of furniture repair services and upholsterers so you can call ahead and arrange a quote. You can also search for Curtains and furnishings and office supplies and equipment.

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