I don’t need to explain to you how much time and energy you will spend this year performing academic research. It’s at the core of your work. And while there is no substitute for old-fashioned research skills and ingenuity, we do live in the 21st century. So there are some fantastic tools that can not only speed up the research process, but also make the process more streamlined and accurate. The following list of 11 online tools can make your research more shareable and help organize the material in a meaningful way.

1. Mendeley

Mendeley is an Academic social network for professionals. Once you create a profile, you can collaborate with others, find new research, and organize your existing research. You can also create bibliographies and find relevant papers to your research. And since the website now has an app, you can do all of this on the go!

2. PlagTracker

Nothing will harm your academic research as much as plagiarism. Whether or not it was intentional is irrelevant. It will discredit your data and your organization. Avoid all of this by using plagiarism checker PlagTracker. The site will find any instances of plagiarism so you can modify the writing so it is completely original. Or, if you’d like to pay a little extra, PlagTracker will rewrite it all for you.

3. Camscanner

Camscanner lets you scan, store, annotate, and share as many documents as you’d like across all of your devices. This will certainly save you time trying to format all of your documents individually to be compatible on your device. The free version gives you up to 200M of cloud storage!

4. Essay Capital

Essays Capital can be an invaluable resource when you need an academic paper written but you’re short on time. All the writers at essay writing service Essays Capital have advanced degrees in various fields. So, you can get a writer who specializes in your subject of choice. The service can also edit, proofread, or format your articles.

5. Scrivener

Scrivener is an alternative to Microsoft Word. But, unlike Word, it lets you see your entire project in pieces. You can make the individual parts as large of small as you’d like. Then, instead of viewing your research findings as one long document, you can see it for what it is: a collection of information. Rearrange the parts however you’d like, and align them with graphs, data, and photos imported from your research files.

6. Dropbox

If you have a lot of documents to manage at once, Dropbox will help you contain them in one easy location. Dropbox is especially helpful if you’re working on a research team. Each member can contribute their work and all members can access the files. Once they’re in Dropbox, all contributors can work collaboratively on the documents even if they are working remotely.

7. Dissertation Writing Service

Since you get an opportunity to collaborate with your author, you can monitor the entire process and see how the dissertation is being developed in terms of implementing the right research. 

8. Evernote

Once you start using Evernote, you might wonder how you got along without it. It is a calendar, notepad, and contact book in one/ Take notes in the secure platform and Evernote will automatically save as you write. And because Evernote syncs up with all your devices, you can easily go from your phone to your computer.

9. Zotero

While working on a big research project, you come in contact with data all the time. Taking the time to catalogue and store all this information is time-consuming. But Zotero automatically senses when data is on your screen and asks if you’d like to store it. So, whether you’re reading a New York Times article or looking at a graph, you can save it with one click to Zotero.

10. EndNote

EndNote syncs to all of your devices and makes it easy to manage and share your research. With the “Find It” function, you can easily find data and store it to your account. Use the app to build bibliographies, publish your findings, and share your work. You can also use the extremely handy “Match It,” which will tell you the best academic journals in which to publish your research. Convenient, yes?

11. Citation Machine

Save a huge amount of time when you’re creating your bibliography or works cited section. Just choose the reference style you are working with, input all the data from your source, and use the reference that Citation Machine creates for you. The platform can support most style guides, including the most popular: APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard.

The world of academic research is always changing. There is always more to know, more to learn, and more ways to share and manage your findings. These websites certainly cannot perform the research process for you, but they can make your research more efficient and effective. What more could you ask for from an academic research app?

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