Writing can be more than just an unpleasant task you get at college or a pleasant pastime you engage in yourself – modern science has proved without much room for doubt that it is beneficial for one’s overall productivity. How, you may ask? Let’s take a look.

1.   Writing Helps Your Organize Your Thoughts

Human consciousness is a muddy stream at the best of times, and more of a bog at the worst. When you stop to write your thoughts down, you have no other choice but to organize them in a meaningful manner, separate wheat from chaff, eliminate everything that is superfluous and unnecessary.

2.   Writing Improves Memory

Scans show that when you engage in writing, the areas of your brain that are responsible for memory light up, signifying neural activity in them. People who write on a regular basis can significantly boost their ability to remember things. Another fun fact – the effect is much stronger when you write by hand. A recent study at the University of California shows that students making lecture notes by hand fare much better when tested on ideas – they tend to process what they hear to a greater extent.

3.   Writing Develops Your Language Skills

Expressing your thoughts on paper allows for a better overview of the result. You get to see what you write in its entirety, not just the word you utter at the moment, as is the case with oral speech. As a result, your written language is more structured, less repetitive and less riddled with parasitic filler words. If you do it regularly, these qualities have a tendency to overflow in your everyday speech as well.

4.   Writing Can Be a Marketable Skill

Being able to express yourself on paper can improve your chances of getting a good job in many areas of activity, and even be a marketable skill in and of itself – hundreds of writers working for services like WorldEssays.com can attest to that.

5.   Writing Can Be a Form of Therapy

The so-called written practices are an incredibly popular method of relieving stress, finding a better understanding of yourself and, in general, clearing up one’s muddled mind. In its simplest form it is just pouring all your immediate thoughts, emotions and experiences onto paper, thus giving them an external form, expelling them from your system. It can help you better understand what happens inside your head, what are the real reasons behind your wishes and fears and much more.

6.   Writing Kickstarts Your Brain

A bit of writing is an excellent way to get your brain working. In the morning, when you just sit around incapable of coherent thought, try to perform a little written assignment on a random topic – not to have some progress with your work, but to clear up mental fog.

As you may see, writing can be much more than putting words to paper. It is greatly beneficial in and of itself and can improve your performance in other, seemingly unconnected areas of work. So don’t overlook this possibility and start improving you daily output today!

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