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How To Succeed in an Online Course

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So that guy who drives the BMW you secretly envy upstairs is running for office in the next election and that means that his office will be vacant. You could occupy that, yes? Of course, you would love to. That bump in the annual salary will allow you to see that project you dropped midway two months ago and you will not have to work overtime as much as you do for the money now.Except for one little hitch, there is some minor post graduate qualification that you do not have to even apply for the post.

Thankfully, he will not be leaving next year and your friend recommended that you enroll in the same course online and you can complete it in half the usual time. But you are not familiar with online education. How do you ensure that you do well in the online course? Relax, here is are some pointers for you.


1. Confirm the technical requirements for the course

The online course has the benefit of not needing to visit the class in person and that is all good but, can you access the class online? Different courses have a different technical requirement such as computer capabilities and compatibility with all the tools that the course utilizes. You will need all of them so ensure that you can use them before you sign up.

2. Cultivate your self-motivation skills

Most courses over the internet do not have a schedule as physical classes do. You just have your material and the outline and it is upon you to decide when to tackle what part of the course. This calls for a high degree of self-motivation, which will be vital in ensuring that you are on time in submitting the assignments that they are of the required standard, among others. If you are not naturally self-motivated it is imperative that you prepare yourself early
enough so that you are not caught unawares by a backlog of work halfway into the course.

3. Familiarize with the technological software

Most online campuses do their best to simplify the interfaces for their courses so that their students have the easiest time. Even then, there is a degree of technological awareness that is required of you to be able to interact with the program seamlessly and have no problem handling all requisite tasks. Ensure that your email is set up correctly so that you access all communication, that you can navigate to the online forums, operate the webcam, among
other needs. When you can, it will be much easier for you to concentrate on the actual learning.

4. Sharpen your time management skills

The entire schedule of the school time will depend on you. You will have to divide the time that you spent studying the various units in the course without help. You, therefore, need to be an astute time manager so that you balance the coursework, as you need to without interfering with all the other activities in life such as work and family.

5. Communicate with classmates and instructors constantly

To avoid any misunderstanding and make sure that you stay in the loop of everything that is going on in the class; make sure that you are in constant communication with both your fellow students and the instructors. Just like in actual campuses, ensure that you make acquaintances with the instructors early enough so that they will pay attention to you when you are facing challenges.

6. Maintain high academic integrity

There is no easier place to cheat than when undertaking an online course. You are expected to be self-driven, handing in assignments on time and studying at your own chosen time. Couple this freedom up and the pressure to keep fulfilling all your other duties in life and the temptation is set to cross your mind at least once. However, you must ensure that you resist it and keep your head above water. Remember that academic dishonesty is a serious crime that you will not get away with in all learning institutions worth their salt. This means that if you are caught in the act you will definitely not succeed in the course. After all, you only are fully qualified if you are taking part in the studies actively, so why risk being caught?

7. Utilize all resources at hand

Plenty of helpful resources will be availed to you by the school, and it is easy to just limit yourself to the bare necessities. However, they are all there for a reason and you need as much insight as possible into the best learning experience. Therefore, make use of as many resources as you possibly can and your online studies will be a breeze.

Bonus Tips:

You may not exactly need these resources, but they sure will set you apart from the crowd and make undertaking the course all smooth sailing.

a) Turnitin

This is an indispensable tool for every student, especially those who utilize online research. Remember that plagiarism is a grave offense in learning institutions and sometimes it is inevitable that your research coincides with someone else’s. You do not deserve to be punished for that and Turnitin ensures that you are not by checking for instances of the same in all your work so that you can make corrections and submit 100% authentic work.

b) Best Essay Education

Sometimes you give your all in a course and there will still be that one essay that you cannot make head or tail of. Best Essay Education is a team of professionals that will provide you with custom model essays at a reasonable cost. You can use it as the basis to write your own essay without having to go through the great turmoil of sleepless nights as you otherwise would. It is also useful for when you just do not have the time to do too much research due to say, work commitments.

c) Kahn Academy

This is a free tool in the form of a website that has numerous comprehensive video tutorials on mathematical and scientific concepts. There are lessons ranging from elementary to university level at your disposal. It is highly recommended in many learning institutions as complimentary material to help you better understand your coursework

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