Bluetooth ringtones have become very popular in the wireless and mobile networking world. This technologically advanced feature allows cell phoneusers to transfer media, such as ringtones, from one phone to another.

Save on ringtone costs

Bluetooth has become a household name because it eliminates the cost of purchasing ringtones which, in turn, helps cell phone users to save money.

This process is also favored by many users because there is no physical labor involved, making it less complicated and more feasible to achieve.

Making these ringtones for transference to other mobile phones can also be quite simple to achieve.


Step 1. Obtain a mp3 trimming and editing software. You can do so by accessing the link listed in the Additional Resource area below. When you click on the link, a popup Internet browser window will load and display the mpTrim software Website. When this page loads, click on the “mpTrim 2.13″ link that will be on left side of the screen, listed as “Latest Versions.” Click “Run” in the File Download popup window to access the software.

Step 2. Follow the prompts that will be given from the software download portal to install and access the program. When the program opens, click on the “Open” tab that will be displayed on the mpTrim menu. Locate and select the mp3 file you would like to trim and compress into a ringtone. Once the song has loaded into the program successfully, use the arrows and time indicated to locate the portion of the song you desire to use for your ringtone.

Step 3. Save the file when you are done editing. Click on the “Save As” tab that you will see at the top of the program’s screen. Save the file to your computer’s desktop for ease of access and location purposes by clicking on the “Desktop” link that you will see in the “Save As” popup window. Close the program once you have saved the file.

Step 4. Upload the file to your cell phone. Click on the mobile uploader link below to transfer your ringtone to your phone your computer’s hard drive. When the mobile uploading page loads in your Internet browser, you will see approximately three blank data forms. You will need to furnish information regarding the file you intend to upload, your mobile number, and your cell phone’s service provider.

Step 5. Enter this information and click “Browse,” which will be listed next to the blank media data form. Locate and select the file to place it in the designated data form. Click “Upload File,” once you have entered all of the necessary information. The file will be sent to your phone by SMS text message. When the text message comes to your phone, click on the link, and your phone will redirect to your mobile Internet. Confirm that you would like to download and store the file to your phone.

Step 6.Enable your phone’s Bluetooth capability by pressing the phone’s menu key and accessing the “Settings/Tools” folder. (This folder will vary, depending on your phone. This folder will either be listed as “Settings” or “Tools.”) Click on the Connections folder and select “Bluetooth.” Opt to enable your Bluetooth capability by pressing either “Power On” or “Enable.” A small Bluetooth icon will appear at the top of your cell phone’s screen, and an indication will let you know that the feature has been activated. Your ringtone, which is considered mobile media, will automatically be stored as Bluetooth media in your phone.

Tips & Warnings

Make sure your phone can play mp3 formatted ringtones. If not, you will need to download the Wave Editor listed below in the Additional Resources to change the music file’s format extension. This will allow the ringtone to be compatible to your cell phone.

Check the features and amenities that are available with your cell phone to make sure it has Bluetooth capability. If it does not, you will not be able to transfer them to a Bluetooth-enabled device. The mp3 file must be saved on your hard drive prior to attempting to open it in mpTrim. If you do not have the file stored on your computer, there will be no way of accessing and editing it.

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