Are you sick of having your old mobile phones occupying precious drawer space? Would you like to get the maximum value out of that old phone, without all the hassle?

Electronic products, especially mobile phones, are being updated at an ever increasing rate. Cycles are getting shorter and shorter and many old phones become obsolete due to frequent replacement. It’s a pity to simply throw them away, especially when you can sell them for a fair price without too much hassle.

Why is it necessary to recycle mobile phones?

Recycling mobile phones removes the precious metals while disposing of the hazardous waste in an environmentally friendly way. The waste is toxic to the environment and properly recycling it prevents potentially millions of mobile phone ending up in a land fill each year.

In fact, many chemicals in such phones leach from landfills into the groundwater system, which creates a potential health hazard. When placed in a landfill, these materials can pollute the air and contaminate soil and drinking water. Most cell phones contain precious metals and plastics such as copper, gold, lead, zinc, beryllium, tantalum and coltan that can be recycled to save energy and resources.

Saving and recycling of these resources means that there will be less mining or manufacturing for such precious resources.

What happens to the mobile phone after it’s recycled?

An old mobile phone may have one of the two following outcomes:

Mobile refurbish. The phone may to be refurbishing after it has being professional cleaning, tested and had the components updated. After the phone is refurbished, it may then re-enter the market at approximately retail price.
Mobile Regeneration. If the phone has reached the end of its service life, it will be sent to a specialised treatment factory for processing. The precious materials will be recycled and the hazardous materials will be eliminated in an environmentally friendly manner.

Ways to recycle your mobile phone in NZ

Mobile phone recycling sites such as Redial and Top Dollar Mobile are usually operated by large multinational companies, which have sound recycling processes.

You only need to log in to these websites and search their website for your phone model. Then by logging the state of your mobile phone’s condition, you will be offered a fixed price. Once you accept this price, you can post your phone or wait to receive a freepost bag.

After they received your phone, they will make the payment into your registered account.

Alternatively, Vodafone and Telecom have local collection schemes whereby you can drop your phone to a local retail store – for free – and they will recycle it for you.

Finally, you can try your luck selling your old phone on Trade Me or eBay. The condition and the usage length will affect the finial sale price as will the sellers history with such sites. Working phones are much easier to sell.

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