Getting a Blackberry is a considered something of a status symbol for a lot of people in today’s modern times, but paying for that Blackberry is what is often difficult to do. Those things are not cheap when you are forced to pay full retail price!

The good news is that you can purchase a used Blackberry cell phone for much less than it costs for a new one and it will work just as well. Often, the discount you can find on used Blackberries can be upwards of 50%, which adds up to quite a bit when we’re talking about $600 cell phones.

However, there are some things that you want to keep in mind when purchasing a used Blackberry….

  • First, make sure that you’re buying from a reputable dealer. Many people have been scammed by shady cell phone vendors and you do not want this to happen to you. This means you need to find a retailer with considerable experience and a record of selling similar phones to people like yourself.You should also look to see if the vendor offers a warranty on their used cell phones. Some do, some do not. Obviously you can rest a little easier if you can find one with a warranty, even if it is only for 30 days. Vendors that offer a warranty are certainly more credible and should always be used over vendors without a warranty, all else being equal.
  • Second, if you can, try to get your hands on a used unlocked Blackberry. Unlocked phones have the advantage of not being “trapped” to one particular network; meaning you can pick and choose which network you operate on based on the coverage in your area, special pricing packages, and other factors. If you can’t find an unlocked Blackberry, double and triple check that the model you are buying will work on your network, or be prepared to pay the early termination fee associated with switching networks before your current contract expires.

    Remember that not all phones are made to work on every network. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Most phones are made to operate on one network. So, make sure that your used phone is designed for your network.

    In most cases, being forced to pay an early termination fee will negate any savings that you gained by purchasing the phone used. Some people see this as an advantage as they can essentially switch carriers without feeling the impact of the early termination fee. Others, on the other hand, see this as a waste of money and are better off finding a phone that will work on their network.

If you’re one of the ‘many’ that wants a Blackberry cell phone but can’t find a way to stretch your budget to afford one, you should consider the used market. You can usually find even the latest models available on the used market for much less than you would pay retail.

By purchasing from a reputable seller you can help to ensure that you’ll end up with a phone that gives you the freedom you want as well as the functionality and fun that comes with owning a Blackberry.

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