Planning an Auckland conference or event? There are so many things to consider to make sure the conference runs smoothly. Make sure it’s going to be an Auckland Event that everyone will remember for all of the right reasons.

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Here are some key things you need to consider:

Time Frame

If possible start planning 12 months in advance of the conference date. This will give you time to handle all of the logistics and administration tasks that are necessary.

You can plan a very successful conference with less time but the earlier you start the easier your job will be.



If you are able to enlist the help of others to bring the conference details together then do so. Passing on some of the key responsibilities to others will give you a greater chance of success.

This is a good time to break down your vision of the conference.

    • Who will liaise with the conference speakers to make sure they have all that they need for their presentations?
    • How are you going to invite prospective attendees?
    • How will your speakers present?
    • What technology will you/they need?
    • How many attendees are you expecting?
    • Will you be using corporate catering for the event or will attendees need to bring their own food?
    • What consumables will you need (such as name badges, lanyards, ID clips and pouches, pens, notepads)?

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Each conference will be unique. Make sure you and your team think through every requirement well ahead of time.


You will also need to set up a budget now. Knowing what your expected income will be and detailing the projected expenditure is critical.

Venue Hire

One of the most important things to get right is the perfect venue to host your conference. The internet is a great way to start an Auckland venues search to find out what are available for hire. There are so many options to the amount of conference attendees you are hosting. Whether your event has 20 people or 2000 there will be the perfect space in Auckland.

Location can be a crucial winning factor in creating a memorable conference. Auckland and the North Shore boast incredible venues close to the city centre, by the harbour, at iconic sports stadiums to name but a few. You can even have an event at the Auckland Zoo. How incredible would that be?

Some function venues include catering and may have expert advisors who can help you with all of the important details to make sure your event goes off without a hitch. This is a good time to find out whether the venues have their own staff to deliver services or whether you will be required to hire your own.

It’s important to visit more than one venue and book your preferred site early in the planning process.

At the very least simple beverages should be supplied at the venue for your attendees. Make it very clear to the registrants what refreshments or meals will be available. Be prepared to offer a range of options for different dietary needs.


The Nitty Gritty

Finalise your speakers well in advance and find out what they will need to deliver their presentation. You will then be able to develop a clear schedule of each session of your conference. Send out invites / registration forms to prospective attendees. The budget can be reviewed once the registrations start coming back as you will have a much clearer picture of the actual numbers you are dealing with.

Organise nametags well in advance. Have some blanks ready to fill out on the day for late registrations. Have plenty of supplies on the day of the conference. Staplers, tape and scissors are a must.

Set up a plan for Conference Registrations so that people can flow into the venue with no fuss. Make sure each attendee has an agenda for all sessions, workshops and presentations.

Remember to test all of the equipment that will be needed for the day well before the conference starts.
If you start your planning early and gather a great team to help you, you are sure to host a memorable conference.


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