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Q: What is Yellow® How To?

A: Yellow® How To is a brand new, kiwi-born and bred article directory. Thousands of original and sourced step-by-step “how to” guides, articles and videos, with new ones being added every day. And with ever-increasing visitors to the site, Yellow® How To is set to soon become New Zealand’s most popular place for finding out how to do just about anything!

Q: How much does it cost to use Yellow® How To?

A: It’s free! We don’t charge you to read the Yellow® How To articles, look at the Yellow® How To videos, or contribute content to Yellow® How To.

Q: Can I advertise on Yellow® How To?

A: Thanks for your interest! Please direct any advertising queries through our Contact Us page.

Q: I am a member of the Press; how can I contact the Yellow® How To staff?

A: Hey, we’re a new kid on the block! We’d be telling ‘porkies’ if we said we weren’t attention-seekers! If you’re a member of the media and you’re interested in knowing more about Yellow® How To, please feel free to contact our PR team.

Q: Can I link to the Yellow® How To website?

A: Absolutely! You can link to us in any manner you like. If you’re not entirely sure how to link to us, why not pop on over to our Link To Us page?

Q: Can I republish Yellow® How To content?

A: Yes, but only within the limitations as stated in the Terms Of Use. No republication of any material from this site can be made for business or commercial purposes.

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Q: How do I join Yellow® How To?

A: You don’t! Yellow® How To is open to everyone!

Submitting Articles

Q: How do I submit an article to Yellow® How To?

A: Glad you asked! We’re looking for as many new articles as we can get our hands on! To write and submit an article, simply click through to the Article Contributions page via the “Contribute” tab. Then, once you’re done, click through to the Article Submission Template page via the link in the top navigation menu and start writing!

Q: Is there an alternative method of article submission for experienced article writers?

A: If article writing is second-nature to you, or it’s something you do for your own websites and/or blogs – or other people’s websites and/or blogs – we’d love to hear from you! No need to submit your article via the Article Submission Template. Simply write a “how to” article on a topic of your choosing (ideally in Microsoft Word 2003 or 2007), add a Resource Box with a link back to your own website or blog (if you have one), and then email it as an attached Word.doc to: howto@yellowpages.co.nz

Q: Do I have admin access to the site?

A: No, because there’s no need – we’ve kept it ultra-simple!

Q: Can I edit or delete an article after Yellow® How To have published it?

A: No. Once you’ve submitted an article to Yellow How To it becomes the property of Yellow How To. We reserve the right to edit and/or alter it in any way we deem necessary. For clarification on this, please – if you haven’t already done so – read our Article Guidelines and Contributor Terms Of Service.

Q: Can I add photos or images to an article?

A: Photos really are worth a thousand words! So, if you’re an experienced article writer and wish to email your articles to us as described above, you can also attach images in.jpg format to the same email. Hey, if you’re really keen, you can send us your videos as well – but for obvious reasons, “they must be YOUR videos!”

Article Submission Guidelines

Q: What are the article submission guidelines for Yellow® How To?

A: Any articles in a Yellow® How To format (regardless of whether they have been submitted via the Article Submission Template or emailed to us directly) are accepted on the proviso they adhere to the Article Guidelines. For a clearer understanding of what types of articles are acceptable and not acceptable, please review the Article Guidelines before writing and submitting an article to Yellow® How To.

Q: Where do I find the Contributor Terms Of Service?

A: You’ll find the Contributor Terms Of Service link on the top navigation menu on the Article Contributions page.

Viewing Articles

Q: How do I rate Yellow® How To articles?

A: At the top-right of every Yellow® How To article there are stars which show the article’s current rating. Add your rating by clicking on the star rating you feel the article deserves NB: Please note that the “current star rating” is an average of all the ratings given to that article to date. Therefore, your rating will add to the equation but not necessarily result in moving the rating figure markedly higher or lower.

Q: How do I comment on an article?

A: Hey, if you’ve got an opinion on the article, or the comments-to-date, or even the author, leave a comment! At the foot of every Yellow® How To article there’s a box where you can add a comment. Type your comment into this box. To add a comment you must type in your name and email address first. If you haven’t done so at the time you attempt to publish your comment you’ll be prompted to do so.

Corporate Stuff

Q: Where can I find Yellow® How To’s Privacy Policy?

A: For a full understanding of how Yellow® How To treats your personal information, please read Yellow® How To’s Privacy Policy.

Q: Where can I find Yellow® How To’s Terms of Use?

A: Please click here to read our Terms Of Use

Other Stuff

Q: How can I contact a Yellow® How To staff member to gain answers to questions not covered in this FAQ?

A: Hey, we’d love to hear from you! Just drop us a line via our Contact Us page.