For far too many people, choosing a skin care cream is a simple process. They go to the drugstore, pick out the cheapest cream that smells nice, and go home thinking that they’ve got a great deal. However, this is the wrong approach to skin care.

Most skin creams contain ingredients that are harmful. Harsh chemicals, perfumes, dyes, and parabens make up quite a toxic cocktail, and each day millions of people apply this stuff to their skin.

Your skin absorbs many things it comes in contact with, just as if you were eating the ingredients. Do you want to eat chemicals, petroleum based preservatives, Dyes? If you wouldn’t put it in your mouth don’t put it on your skin!

There are three harmful ingredients you should avoid when purchasing a skin products.


Parabens are chemical preservatives found in many skin care products. These chemicals are cheap, readily available, and increase the shelf life of the product. However, studies have linked parabens to cancer, especially when subjects were exposed over long periods of time. Choose your skin care cream without the cancer causing additives.

Cheap Chemical Knockoffs

Many of those unpronounceable ingredients in your skin care cream are imitations of natural products. Large companies can produce products far more cheaply using artificial chemical imitations than they could if they used real all natural ingredients. Artificial ingredients can be irritating and damaging to your skin with long term use, make our beauty regimen simple and natural. Opt for real ingredients – they contain the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that your skin needs.

Perfumes and Dyes:

retail product is often scented and colored to make it more appealing. Scents and dyes are generally artificial, can often cause allergic reactions, dryness and skin irritation as well. Especially if your skin is sensitive. Choose a product with no perfumes or dyes – your skin will be grateful.

Your skin is your largest organ – treat it well by choosing high quality ingredients. Sometimes just stopping the use of harsh products on you skin can produce amazing improvements very quickly. Add to that the application of quality safe natural ingredients and the all of a sudden the results can be astounding.

For this reason, it’s wise to choose a skin care cream that’s been clinically tested (proven to work). Is tested safe from toxins (contains only natural ingredients). And is offered at a reasonable price.

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Terry Johnston is lead researcher and writer at Health Body and Skin with an intense interest in anything that will help enhance people’s health and beauty. He researches the internet for quality products and services. For more information please visit Terry’s Web Site Health Body And Skin today!Article Source:
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  1. It is not easy to come up with a balanced, objective view on potential toxicity of skin care ingredients. Most skin care companies usually assert that whatever ingredients they use are safe. On the other hand, alternative all-natural skin care outfits profess gloom and doom from synthetic ingredients.

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  2. I have a couple of comments on and clarifications of the above article.

    I would disagree with the statement that “most skin creams contain ingredients that are harmful.” Consider how much skin cream is used and how little evidence that creams cause any harm. If they contained a “toxic cocktail” there would be plenty of evidence of it.

    The perfumes dyes and synthetic chemicals mentioned as ‘harmful’ must pass rigorous tests before they can be used. The idea that because something is ‘natural’ it must be safe is a strange assertion. Some of the most toxic chemicals known are natural.

    I would very much agree that ingredients should be clinically tested before they are used and that they should be free of toxins. But the line “….Is tested safe from toxins (contains only natural ingredients),” suggests artificial chemicals are all toxins and that no natural ingredients are toxic. Both of which are wrong.
    Anything can cause an allergic reaction, natural or otherwise. I was allergic to pollen.

    Not all natural chemicals are safe and not all artificial chemicals are toxic. Each has to be tested and handled on its own merits.

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