Finding the right pathway from which to start your career as a hairdresser is challenging. You need to have the right information and the right advice from the beginning of your career. Starting career as a hairdresser is absolutely a good decision because of its increasing demand in today’s fashion-conscious people.

If you become a hairdresser you can work at beauty salons, hotels, resorts and day spas. Hairdressers are responsible for meeting safety standard and state health. They must keep their work area clean and sterilise their equipment. You must keep it in mind before making your decision.

Educational qualifications to be a hairdresser

A high school diploma or equivalent degree is required to be a hairdresser. In addition you must complete an approved cosmetology program.

The common educational requirements to become a professional hairdresser are mentioned below. The requirements are reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Common educational requirements to become a good hairdresser:

  • You must complete a state-licensed cosmetology training program
  • The field of degree: Cosmetology
  • You must have a state-license that is required in all states
  • The key skills you must have: Customer service, strong communication, time management skills, dexterity etc.
  • Additional requirements: You must be at least 16 years or older

Hairdresser versus ‘good hairdresser’

To become a hairdresser is not difficult, but becoming a good one can be. Educational qualifications alone will not be enough to be a perfect hairdresser. There are certain things that determine your reputation as a hairdresser, such as the quality of service, personal attributes, behaviour and so on.

Though many hairdressers can provide cutting, styling, colouring, bleaching and straightening services, as well as advise their clients on hair styling, hair condition and hair protection, they cannot meet their clients’ needs because of their low quality of service. You must achieve the talents and skills that are required to be a good hairdresser.

To become a good hairdresser, you must always keep the following in your mind: “the more you meet your clients’ needs, the better hairdresser you are”. Good hairdressers are glamorous, passionate, and they have an amazing power over their clients. You must have the ability to impress your clients so that they find them special and come back to have your service whenever they need.

Some key hairdressing skills to master:

  • Understanding the basics and magic of mixing and applying colours – a good hairdresser is a painter, too. You must understand the basics and magic of mixing colours on your client’s hair. Apply paint in a controlled and careful way to create smooth transitions between the colour shades.
  • Acquire excellent designing skills – be an imitator who can imitate the hair styles of expert hairdressers. Creativity is a plus point to be a good hairdresser, but not much essential. A creative person sees and understands many techniques that others do not. Whether you are creative or not, it does not matter. Just imitate various techniques to design your client’s hair.
  • Be glamorous – being glamorous is an essential characteristic that expert hairdressers have, and fashion-conscious customers will give priority to fashion-conscious hairdressers. You must be looking fashionable, clean and smart so that your customers have a good impression of you. It will also make you more confident.
  • Make sure your work area and equipment is clean – to gain the trust of your customers, you must keep your work area neat, clean and tidy. Decorate your salon or work area in an impressive way so that it always looks presentable. Use clean equipment.
  • Be polite – be cheerful and greet your customers respectfully. Do not talk so much about yourself because it may create a bad impression.
  • Be patient and confident – sometimes you may have to face a customer who reacts impolitely. Sometimes your services may not satisfy your customers. In these unexpected cases, always try to be patient. Remember if you piss off one customer, you lose 5-10 customers. So try to handle every problem patiently, politely and confidently.

Follow these tips and you’ll keep your customers happy and coming back for more.

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