Let’s face it; we all love a bargain, especially if that bargain happens to make us look great on a Friday night on the town! But, bear in mind, although the tag may say that dress you’re eyeing up is only $20, the real price you have to pay is battling the other ten people that want ‘that dress’ too!

So, handbags at the ready, we’re giving you some top tips on how to get that bargain without getting the trolley-bashed ankles that go along with it!

Rule 1: Plan It Out

This might sound a little drastic but you’ll be thanking us at 10am on the first day of a sale! Decide what it is that you really want to buy, go to that shop first and plan your route from there.

A day at the shops is tiring enough without aimlessly zig-zagging up and down the same street trying to get to different shops!

Rule 2: It’s Never Too Early To Go Shopping!

You’ve heard of the saying ‘The early bird catches the worm’? Well in this case, the early shopper gets the bargain! People’s personalities change when they’re faced with a rack of would-be bargains – they’ve got a credit card and they’re not afraid to use it! So if there’s something you really have to have in the sale, get in early and bag that bargain!

Rule 3: What Makes It A Bargain?

Those shoes might be reduced from $200 to $75 but it’s only a good deal if you’re actually going to wear them! How many of us have a wardrobe half-full of clothes that still have the tags on them? The ones you just ‘couldn’t pass’ in that sale. Try before you buy, and if you’re not sure within minutes of seeing it on, ditch it!

Rule 4: The Small Print

This rule sort of goes hand-in-hand with Rule 3. Most retail stores operate a no refund policy on sale items so make sure that what you’re buying is actually what you want.

Rule 5: Enjoy!

What use is it getting a bargain if you’re not having fun when you’re doing it! Don’t be daunted by sales and don’t be afraid to get stuck in and root through that tower of clothes at the front of the store – that’s usually where you find the best deals!

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