Hairdressers are a dime a dozen in Auckland – but finding a great men’s hairstylist can be surprisingly difficult. And even if you find one, how do you communicate with the barber exactly what kind of haircut you want?

Fortunately, we’re here to help. With a few choice hints and tips you’re next haircut could be your very best. So throw away your hat because you’re not going to need to hide another bad hair day; this is everything you need to know about getting a great men’s haircut in Auckland.

How to find the right hairdresser

As we said, there’s no shortage of Auckland hairdressers. Unfortunately, many of them won’t specialise in men’s haircuts. Unless you have long hair, that could be a problem.

The trick, then, is to make an educated guess about which hairstylists are best for men. Where do your mates get their haircuts? It can be embarrassing to bring it up in conversation but it might save you the trouble of trying a few hairdressers before you find the right one for you.

And if you’re really brave, you could approach someone on the street that has a good haircut and ask them where they got it from. Besides suffering a strange look, what’s the worst that can happen?

How to get the perfect hairstyle

Long gone are the days when men weren’t supposed to care about how they look. Nowadays no-one wants to go out in Auckland looking their mother still cuts their hair.

Being able to describe exactly what kind of haircut is the key to avoiding such a scenario. We suggest you take in a photograph of the hairstyle that you’d like. Now you mightn’t be brave enough to bring in a photo of Ryan Gosling but you could show the barber or hairdresser a photo of one of your mates or even a photograph of yourself after a haircut you did like.

For some guys, a shaved head looks great; for others, however, it shows off the odd shape of their head. If you’re not sure what hairstyle you’d like, talk to your barber or hairstylist. Even better, try to choose a style that suits your fashion sense.

Finally, if and when you do find a great Auckland hairdresser – keep going back. Build rapport with your hairdresser and let them know that you’ll keep coming back so long as they keep producing great haircuts. You’ll never have a bad hair day ever again.

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