Going to a ball this season? Looking for the perfect dress? Follow these easy steps to find what you are after and ensure that you look like the belle of the ball….

Set A Budget

Have a realistic idea of how much you or your parents can spend and don’t try on anything that’s too expensive – you’ll just end up unhappy and disappointed!

Find Your Personal Style

Be it romantic and girly, trendy and out there, or classic elegance, your style speaks volumes about you. You’ll know you’ve found it when you feel the most comfortable in what you’re wearing!

Do Your Research

Look in the latest magazines, check out what the red carpet fashions are, see who’s wearing what and get some great ideas.

Work With Your Figure

Find out which style suits your body type. Shop assistants and friends will be able to help you if you need a second opinion. Knowing what suits you will save you so much time and heartache. Remember an Empire waist and an A-Line usually looks great on everyone.

Choose Your Colour

Colours and patterns say so much about your personality and style. Look for a colour or pattern you love. Is there a colour you wear that your friends say you look great in? Be adventurous –  you might be surprised at the reaction you get!

Start Looking Early

Don’t leave it to the last minute or you might end up wearing something you hate! The New Zealand website cindabella.co.nz has ball fashion and dresses added daily so keep an eye on their site. Even if your ball is late in the season you might find exactly what you’re looking for now. There are heaps of other benefits of getting in early too – shopping for accessories, having alterations made, and making sure you’re not dressed like everyone else!

Get Opinions

If you have found the perfect dress online why not send the link to your friends and ask for their opinion, or if shopping take a photo on your camera phone and share it with your friends. Be open minded and remember your body shape but be willing to give someone else’s different opinion a try!


Accessorising is hot this season. Add an edgy look, change the look of your dress and set yourself apart from everyone else with a funky necklace or a gorgeous purse. A little bling can go a long way!

Think It Over

Don’t rush into a purchase; talk to your friends first and have a look around before you commit to anything. It’s your decision, and you have to be happy with it! Remember: Stay in your comfort zone with dress styles. There’s no point looking glamorous and stylish on your ball night if you’re feeling awkward and uncomfortable. Confidence is the real key to looking amazing – so choose a dress you know you’ll enjoy wearing!

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