High heeled shoes. If you’re not used to walking in them, they can be a challenging nightmare. We’ve all seen those reality ‘make me a model’ television programmes, whereby the leggy tomboy has to train herself to walk confidently in heels on the runway, and naturally she struggles, stumbles and falls. If you struggle with the concept of walking in heels or just want to look hot for a glamorous occasion, here are a few tips for how to walk in high heels.

Get the right fit

First of all, you need to ensure you have the right fit. Believe me when I say that wearing a pair of shoes which are too big for you will make them slide off at the heel and you’ll be forced to cling onto the shoes with your toes, making you walk like a 5 year old in her Mama’s shoes. There’s also nothing more painful than a pair of heels which are too small for you, killing your toes and giving you severe blisters. No sir. A good pair of shoes should have you walking with confidence and ease, and even better if you can stand on them all night at a party.

Don’t listen to the shop assistant when they tell you the leather will stretch – because sometimes it doesn’t and you’ll be forever cursing your purchase. When trying on a potential purchase, don’t just put them on your feet and stand there admiring yourself in the mirror. Walk around the shop to see if they slip or are too small, and if you can – try walking on a smooth service as well as a carpeted service because wood or concrete is harder to control your footing than on carpet.

Choose the right height

The height of your heel is important too. If you’ve been wearing sneakers, jandals or those roman sandals from school your whole life, then it’s wise to start off with a heel which isn’t stiletto sky high until you are confident at walking in heels.

As a general rule of thumb – the taller the heel, the skinnier the width of the heel, which equals a smaller pin point which you are walking on. You’ll get there one day, but remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, so start off with a good 2-3 inch heel and you’ll do yourself a favour – and thus avoid a sprained ankle and damaged pride at the same time.

It’s often a lot easier to walk in heels which have a slight platform to them. I’m not talking 1972 hippy style, but a slight base to the toe area will balance out your foot and make an even surface. Again, practise walking in the shoes before you purchase them.

Hold your head high

So down to business – just how do you practise walking around the shoe shop, and how do you walk with pride down the street on 4 inches? To be perfectly honest it’s all about your posture. It’s the old ‘balancing a book on your head’ act. If your shoulders are back, your head is held high and your hips are centred, then you will find it a lot easier to stride confidently and smoothly. Hold your stomach in and think tall, then concentrate on looking straight ahead in front of you.

Place your weight on the ball of your foot rather than on your tip toes. Don’t just lift each foot either – think about lifting your whole leg from the hip to your toe. Keep your thighs close together and ensure your strides are a reasonable length apart rather than small, little steps.

Just remember that some days are harder than others, and if you do trip and fall, just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and carry on smiling.

Glamour puss

You may find you swing your arms, wiggle your butt and sway your hips a little as you get faster at walking in heels. You may also develop an-ever-so-slight bend at the knee, and slight kick of the foot model strut – whatever helps you walk in heels with confidence. Before you know it you’ll be a complete natural and you’ll find walking in heels is like walking on air. Work it!

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  1. annascott says:

    mmmm, most helpful tips i’ve come across! ;) platform under toe area helps and the old ‘balancing a book on your head’ i think those are all truly effective. Thanks for the article! I still have a problem though and can’t find any help on how can i get the heels to not slip off when i walk. The shoes are the right size but when i lift my foot my heel comes out of the shoe! And it’s even worse if i’m wearing thighs…then the shoes just don’t stay in place….HELP!!!

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  2. Trixy Jones says:

    Yeah that’s a tough and really frustrating one. You can always try placing heel grips into the back of your shoe. They work sometimes but I’m afraid not always.

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